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Sep 18 2019 | Zayouna Admin

Vehicle Accidents due to Road Conditions: Is the City at Fault?

Getting in an accident while in a vehicle is one of the most frightening situations that a person can find themselves in. According to Transport Canada, in 2017 there were over 112,000 collisions in this country, and of those accidents, an estimated 1,679 people lost their lives. These are scary but very real numbers.

Something you may have never considered before is what happens if you get in an accident due to road conditions that are the result of how your city has taken care of the roadways in your region.

This question was raised back in February after a report was released about friction issues on the Red Hill Valley Parkway in Hamilton. This stretch of road has been especially awful for accidents. The city of Hamilton issued an apology, but there’s a problem – this report was conducted in 2013 and was kept hidden from the public and city councilors until now.

Needless to say, there are a lot of angry parents and family members who have lost people on this stretch of road who want answers to a question that is in an area some may consider a legal grey zone.

Issues that may result in a vehicle accident

Roads and city infrastructure fall apart. Asphalt roads have an estimated lifespan of 18-25 years. Due to our severe changes in weather, our roads fall apart more quickly than in other countries.

Motorists need to be diligent when it comes to potholes and cracks, and as any motorist can attest to, road work is constantly being done during the warmer months. Bridges that may become unsound pose a very serious threat to motorists.

Construction zones or areas where repairs are being done can also be a place of danger to vehicles, as can materials that are being used for repairs. There are a lot of hazards that drivers need to be aware of, but what part does the city play in all of this?

When is the city at fault for a vehicle accident?

Who is liable for an accident really depends on who owns the road. Did the accident happen on a local road maintained by the city or a provincially owned and operated highway? Was an outside construction company to blame?

Each accident must be broken down to find out who (if anyone) is to blame, and if legal action can be taken. If you were in an accident that you believe was the fault of the city, province or an outside company, make sure you get in contact with a lawyer as soon as possible to figure out your options.

If you’ve been involved in a motor vehicle accident, you want a law firm behind you that focuses on these kinds of cases. The team at Zayouna Law are highly qualified professionals who possess a vast level of experience to give you the help you need.

Being in an accident is an extremely horrifying and stressful situation, but finding the right law firm shouldn’t be. Contact the law professionals at Zayouna Law today, and get the right people fighting for you.

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