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Wrongful Death

What is wrongful death litigation?

The loss of a loved one is devastating, and even more so when the circumstances are sudden and suspect. For your spouse, child, or parents to suffer because of another person’s negligence is unfathomable. The aftermath of lasting grief and trauma are only worsened by the added burden of lost income and financial ramifications.

No one deserves to suffer this fate — for families to be abandoned, dreams paralyzed, and quality of life drastically altered. Instead, you deserve answers, healing, and a viable means for rebuilding your life. Wrongful death litigation exists to provide you with these.

Zayouna Law Firm is committed to helping you seek justice and compensation for wrongful death. We will represent you in a wrongful death claim or lawsuit to help gain closure through support for the aftermath of a loved one’s loss — from funeral costs to critical long-term effects, such as loss of income, care, guidance, and companionship. In the process, we aim to help alleviate your pain and suffering from the sudden loss of a loved one.

Nothing can bring back a loved one lost, but getting answers and justice against responsible parties can help carve a path towards healing. Whether you lost your spouse because of a drunk driver, child to drowning, or parent to medical malpractice, a wrongful death claim may bring comfort, helping you cope with the harrowing loss.

Wrongful Death Compensation

With a wrongful death claim, you can rebuild your life and preserve both the loving memory and financial legacy of a loved one lost too soon. It may be impossible to put a price on lasting grief, but wrongful death litigation can compensate you for the emotional and financial fallout of the loss of a loved one. A wrongful death suit addresses these losses:

  • Loss of care, guidance, and companionship
  • Loss of shared family income
  • Loss of caregiving capacity.

Compensation for these damages equips you with the necessary resources to cope with the sudden, traumatic death of a loved one and secure the rest of your family from financial ruin. In the face of immense grief caused by another party’s negligence, you should not have to endure financial strain.

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Can I claim wrongful death?

You should not have to seek answers and justice on your own. In the face of a devastating loss, there can be comfort in knowing that you are supported and cared for by our experienced, knowledgeable, and compassionate lawyers who specialize in wrongful death litigation.

Who Can File a Wrongful Death Claim

As lawyers who specialize in wrongful death litigation, Zayouna Law Firm’s doors are open to grieving family members pursuing justice and restitution for the loss of their loved ones. In Ontario, wrongful death laws permit only family members to pursue legal claims. We help:

  • Spouses
  • Child or children, and if minors, may be supported by a court-appointed guardian to represent their interests and ensure their financial future is secured
  • Parents
  • Siblings
  • Grandparents, and other relatives.

These family members are the most impacted by the loss of life — spouses who are breadwinners, nurturing parents to young children, and all other loved ones. As survivors, you need support to navigate the emotional losses of care and companionship, and financial insecurity due to income losses.

With the right legal representation, you can be compensated for various financial obligations and the burden of financial insecurity. Secure your family’s future with these wrongful death payments:

  • Funeral expenses
  • Medical expenses accrued prior to death
  • Loss of care, guidance, and companionship
  • Loss of income
  • Loss of caregiving capacity
  • Punitive damages in case of negligent or criminal behaviour leading to death.

Our Wrongful Death Litigation Process

Filing a wrongful death suit can be a long and challenging process. But you are not alone. With expert, results-driven lawyers who genuinely care for your well-being, seeking justice and peace in the face of immense grief and trauma is possible. See how Zayouna Law Firm builds a strong wrongful death claim:

  • 1Consultation: Tell us about the death of a loved one, whether it’s your spouse, child, sibling, or other relatives. Our lawyers offer a free consultation to discuss the circumstances of their passing and advise you of any negligence committed by another party. During the consultation, we can also discuss the impact of their death and the damages you can claim for emotional and financial hardships.
  • 2File your wrongful death claim: As your claim commences, our team of legal experts will advocate for and represent you in court proceedings and settlement discussions. With our legal expertise, we aim to prove the liability of the negligent or reckless party whose action or inaction led to your family member’s demise. We will also demonstrate the long-term consequences of your loved one’s wrongful death to claim damages.
  • 3Resolution: At Zayouna Law Firm, our goal is to arrive at the best outcome — one that helps you rebuild your life and avoid the prolonged emotional and financial strain from the loss of a loved one. Our lawyers will represent your best interests in court and settlement proceedings to prove your claim or lawsuit and help you collect the compensation you need and deserve. Our fees are contingent, meaning we do not get paid if no damages are recovered from your claim.

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Our Wrongful Death Litigation Expertise

At Zayouna Law Firm, we understand Ontario’s statutes, legal precedents, and the nuances of wrongful death litigation. Our team of legal experts has handled countless successful claims that have brought peace and resolution to many families.

Beyond decades of legal expertise, we bring immense sympathy to every wrongful death claim. We help provide genuine advocacy for restitution and healing from your enduring loss. Our lawyers, law clerks, legal assistants, and litigators handle every aspect of your claim — and even life outside the courtroom — with care, sensitivity, and knowledge to help your recovery and healing.

  • Results: Zayouna Law Firm has a great track record of obtaining results in wrongful death and other personal injury litigation. From your initial consultation to every court proceeding and settlement negotiation, we offer the best of our proven legal expertise to build a strong claim and recover necessary compensation. Your recovery is our priority — and our fees are contingent on it.
  • Relationships: Our legal practice is built on trust. Our lawyers are respected in the community for their esteemed professional affiliations, such as with the Ontario Trial Lawyers Association and the Ontario Bar Association. But the relationship that matters most to us is the one we have with you — our clients whose well-being we genuinely care about and advocate for. Our promise is a personalized approach to every case, ensuring constant communication and full participation throughout the legal process.
  • Recovery: At Zayouna Law Firm, our ultimate goal is the best outcome for your wrongful death claim or lawsuit. We exercise a balance of total restitution and expediency to alleviate the extensive emotional and financial strain of wrongful death. We go above and beyond to support all aspects of your life, such as directing you to other rehabilitation experts to ease recovery.

Wrongful Death Litigation Lawyer FAQs

If your spouse, child, parent, sibling, grandparent, or other family member died from the negligence or recklessness of another person, you might be able to claim wrongful death. This claim applies whether the liable party’s actions — or the lack thereof — are intentional or unintentional. Successful claims typically demonstrate measurable losses, such as financial strain due to loss of income caused by an alleged wrongful death.

Any death caused by another person’s negligence or recklessness — whether intentional or unintentional — can be grounds for wrongful death. Common examples are car, cycling, or pedestrian accidents, workplace injuries, medical malpractice, and the result of a defective product.

When filing a wrongful death claim, you will be expected to prove that the negligent party’s actions or inaction contributed directly to the death of your family member. You also need to prove that their actions or inaction were negligent or reckless, or that they deliberately caused injury or death. Finally, you will need to demonstrate measurable losses sustained to claim damages.

In Ontario, wrongful death claims have a statute of limitations or the maximum time limit you have to commence legal action. You have two years from the date of death to file a wrongful death claim. This is why you need to speak with an experienced personal injury or wrongful death lawyer right away if you suspect that another person’s negligence or recklessness caused your loved one’s death.

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