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What is a brain injury?

A brain injury is a complicated full-spectrum injury that is classified medically as a primary or secondary injury. Primary brain injuries result from trauma suffered immediately after the accident. Secondary brain injuries are an indirect result of the trauma suffered from the injury and complications. A brain injury can severely limit you from fully participating in your everyday life and limit the progress needed to heal from a debilitating brain injury.

Brain injury law was rooted in Canadian Tort Law in 1860. The brain injury law was amended in 1997 and placed under The Workplace Safety and Insurance Act. The law allowed an injured person to pursue monetary compensation for a brain injury from a liable party.

The brain injury law is a mandatory clause within all registered businesses in Canada. There are limitations in place that both parties must adhere to. For example, In Ontario, a claimant must file a claim within 2-years of an accident.

Seeking skilled and experienced legal counsel is highly recommended if you have experienced a traumatic brain injury (TBI). Attempting to negotiate on your behalf against an insurance company or liable individual for compensation could leave you frustrated and heavily distracted from your healing and treatment program.

Taking the initiative and promptly reaching out to our team at Zayouna Law can help address any concerns you may have. Take advantage of our free consultation and find out what your rights are.

Canadians who have suffered a brain injury may be entitled to a monetary settlement. Securing compensation for a brain injury can help you cope with the added trauma of overwhelming medical costs, income loss, pain, and suffering, or a diminished quality of life. At Zayouna Law, our outstanding legal team helps adjudicate on your behalf so you can focus on healing.

Allowing the statute of limitations to run out and not pursuing your pecuniary tributes could leave you and your family in even more distress. The law helps keep a legal footing in place for the regular person fighting against a corporate giant insurance company or an uncooperative liable party.

Knowing your rights and requirements can be explained by our legal team and help better prepare you for the entirety of the legal process.

If a medical expert diagnoses that you have indeed suffered a brain injury, regardless of the severity of the injury classification, you can seek professional advice from a brain injury lawyer.

At Zayouna Law Firm, we will explain all the necessary steps that legally are required for you, or your family, to pursue any damages from the liable party or insurance company. Our Zayouna lawyer will provide consultation to you or your family to help start the process of resolution for your claim. The final resolution can be establishing liability or helping to protect your quality of life after the brain injury. The legal team initiates your claim for either rehabilitation or compensation through the legal process.

If mediation does not help reach an agreement between the liable party and you, further court proceedings may be required to establish a verdict in your case. Consulting with an experienced Zayouna lawyer immediately after your accident can help ensure that no evidence is lost or compromised, ensuring that the legal actions that are available to you do not get dismissed from your case.

Any person who has suffered a brain injury through no fault of their own may be entitled to a monetary settlement. Reaching out and consulting our Zayouna Law team can help put any concerns of financial loss or overwhelming complications that a brain injury is having on your quality of life.

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What is our process for working with clients who require a brain injury lawyer?

Once you reach out and take advantage of our free consultation, our expert team at Zayouna Law Firm begins building your case. Our lawyer reviews the details of your case and directs you through the necessary steps to file the claim promptly on your behalf. Some insurance companies require a claim to be formally filed within 24-48 hours of an accident to be considered for policy coverage.

Knowing this process is a step towards successfully claiming compensation. Once the claim has been filed, if applicable, an insurance company may launch an investigation into the accident. The outcome desired is to find and prove fault in the victim’s actions, and establish a correlation between the victim being responsible for the accident, and the resulting brain injury. The brain injury lawyer, and you, review the financial factors and burdens you are facing and establish a monetary figure.

If ligation is required for proving negligence against an individual, or as a means to resolve fault for the accident. Our lawyers provide decades of experience in settling difficult matters quickly and efficiently. If the injured individual and the negligent party cannot come to an agreeable monetary value, our Zayouna lawyer sends a demand letter to the liable party. This further initiates the bargaining and negotiation sessions.

Having a skilled, masterful brain injury lawyer battling in your corner will take the burden of the complicated process off your shoulders. Our Zayouna Law Firm team works diligently to negotiate a fair value for the costs you incurred from the accident and resulting brain injury.

Through the steps of mediation, and if necessary, court proceedings, Zayouna Law Firm will use every available legal resource and tactic to fight for your right to fair compensation.

The masterful stronghold built by the team at Zayouna Law Firm uses decades of experience, and knowledge, to help thousands of Canadians. We will help explore all the legal rights and fair compensation they are entitled to for brain injuries sustained through an accident that was no fault of their own.

Retaining the firm to represent you immediately upon sustaining the injury or having a family member contact us on your behalf will help you understand all the rights and responsibilities that the liable party and you have.

The dedicated professionals at Zayouna Law Firm offer free consultations to find out if and how we can help you. We also do not charge any fees for our services until your claim is successful, showing our commitment to our mission: Results, Relationships, and Recovery.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Brain Injury Law

The brain injury law entitles every Canadian who has suffered a brain injury to apply for long-term disability. Having a legal representative significantly increases the possibility of the application being successful.

No, not always. With esteemed legal professionals in your corner, chances can be good that your claim will be settled out of mediation or court. If insurance companies are refusing to cooperate, you will be glad you have a legal support team.

Under Canadian brain injury law, the compensation amount is capped just above $340000. This amount represents the most a successful claimant can receive. In most cases, however, the insurance policy has a defined benefit amount for a claimant’s consideration.

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