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It is commonly thought that recovery in personal injury claims is limited to automobile collisions. This is not true. Other incidents covered in the domain of personal injury are: slip and fall injuries, injury resulting from a dangerous place or activity, injury resulting from an unsafe product, animal attacks, assaults, boat accidents, and/or snowmobile collisions. Essentially, you can make a claim for personal injury compensation if you’ve suffered from an injury caused by someone else’s negligence. If you are partly responsible for your injury, then you are still entitled to compensation calculated according to the other person’s degree of fault. However, if your injuries were the result of an automobile accident, then regardless of fault, you are entitled to accident benefits. The No-Fault Accident Benefit system, provided by your own insurer, provides income replacement, non-earner attendant care, medical / rehabilitation benefits, and optional coverage for housekeeping/home maintenance and caregiver expenses. Even if you do not have automobile insurance, it is still possible to collect certain benefits.

With respect to personal injury claims, Ontario courts award damages based on the principle of loss. Those who suffer more significant losses are awarded greater compensation. In severe and serious cases, Ontario courts have awarded well over $300,000 in general damages, for pain, suffering, and loss of enjoyment of life.

In personal injury claims, Ontario Courts have awarded compensation for: · Pain, Suffering, and Loss of Enjoyment of Life · Loss of Income, Income Earning Potential, and Competitive Advantage in the Employment Field · Medical and Rehabilitation Costs · Caregiver Costs · Attendant Care Costs · Housekeeping / Home Maintenance Costs Family members of injured persons may also recover their losses resulting from the injury or death.

Each insurance company and policy is different. You should consult your insurance adjuster to find out how your rates may be affected.

Most cases settle before trial and generally take anywhere from one to two years. However, each case is unique and the amount of time it will take depends on many factors. We will gladly discuss this with you during our initial consultation.

If you have been involved in a collision and have suffered an injury, you are obligated to notify your insurer. It is important that you have a personal injury lawyer explain your rights and the process before you meet with the insurance adjuster. While you are required to provide your insurer with the information they require, you are not required to speak with anyone representing the other party. You should refer any communications to your lawyer. We will deal with the insurer on your behalf and assist you with completing the necessary forms to receive benefits.

Your own automobile insurance company will cover your losses if you were injured by an uninsured or underinsured motorist.

The more information we have, the faster and more aggressively we can work to settle your case. Our experienced staff will advise you beforehand on what additional documents we require. Be sure to bring your Driver’s License, Proof of Insurance and Policy Coverage Information, OHIP Number and Social Insurance Number. You should also bring contact information for your family physician and any other information provided to you by the police or your insurance company, such as Motor Vehicle Accident Reports.

You can talk to any Zayouna Law Firm lawyer for free. There is absolutely no cost or obligation. We have always offered free, confidential phone and office consultations. Contact us today.

Our firm’s fees are contingent. We produce results or we don’t get paid. A contingency fee means that the lawyer’s fee is a percentage of the proceeds obtained to compensate you for your injuries. If there is no recovery, then there is no fee.

Our firm produces a large amount of free material. We believe that this information raises awareness regarding the issues facing accident victims. We believe that our clients deserve to know how we operate and to hold us accountable. Our commitment to each case and client is the foundation of our firm.

We never increase our fee if mediation or litigation occurs. In fact, we do not increase fees even if the case goes to trial.

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