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Zayouna’s commercial litigation department represents clients in all types of real estate-related disputes. Our professionals have the experience and track record of dealing with real estate disputes in a cost-effective resolution.

Typical Clients

  • Brokers and brokerages
  • New or resale home/condo purchasers
  • Real-estate purchasers
  • Real-estate agent or sales rep
  • Commercial landlords
  • Commercial tenants
  • Home and commercial space renovators
  • Construction companies and workers
  • Construction contractors or sub-contractors
  • Those in the “flipping” business

We strive to employ smart litigation. Instead of just being brute force litigators, we help our clients identify their objectives and formulate intelligent and pragmatic strategies that we then implement.

Typical Real Estate Disputes

Here are some of the types of real estate disputes that we helped clients with:

  • Rezoning and changing use of commercial properties without consent
  • Failed and/or aborted purchase and sale (residential and commercial)
  • Anticipatory breaches of APS
  • Disputes with and between contractors
  • Disputes about sale/purchase of matrimonial homes
  • Disputes about sale/purchase of properties with issues of consent from undisclosed 3rd parties
  • Easement Disputes
  • Non-payment of contractors
  • Adverse Possession
  • Claims against real estate agents
  • Disputes concerning mortgagees/lenders
  • Disputes concerning VTB Mortgages
  • Construction liens
  • Zoning disputes and appeals
  • Disputes concerning municipal law
  • Real estate fraud

On the commercial leasing side, our team has helped clients with:

  • Landlord-tenant disputes of commercial properties
  • Distress Remedies for Commercial Property
  • Disputes arising out of termination of commercial leases
  • Additional rent-related disputes
  • Disputes between commercial tenants

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Frequently Asked Questions

All new homes are covered under the TARION warranty plan and the APS you signed will have covered the terms of that warranty. You should assess whether the defect new home is covered under the TARION warranty. Where possible, you may also want to collect the written records of how your home was described to you and assess them with the statements the builder or its sales representatives made. We recommend that you get in touch with a lawyer as soon as you can. Bear in mind that you may not be able to bring a claim after the limitation period of 2 years from your date of discovery of the claim has passed.

Although the landlord is free to exercise its ownership over the property, you may have a claim against the landlord if they made any pre-lease promises to not change the “use” of the property and if such change affects you significantly. You may also have a claim if any renovation or construction work carried out by the landlord disrupt your “quiet enjoyment” over the property. Consult a lawyer to get a better grasp over your legal rights. You can read our article on this issue: National | Changing commercial property use (

If you are involved in a real-estate dispute and require timely, practical and skilled advice, please contact us today for an initial consultation.

Disclaimer: None of the information above constitutes legal advice. The reader is strongly urged not to rely on anything written above in making any determination about their case. You are strongly urged to consult with and retain a lawyer and obtain legal advice from your lawyer.

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