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What is an orthopaedic injury?

An orthopaedic injury or fracture is an injury sustained to the musculoskeletal system, including joints, tendons, ligaments, and cartilage. 

The Workplace Safety and Insurance Act of 1997 now houses the orthopaedic injury law. The law was nestled previously under the Tort Law of Canada in 1860. The orthopaedic injury law enables you to seek financial compensation for damages that you have incurred from the injury.

The loss of wages, medical expenses, pain, and suffering, are used to determine your eligibility for damages. Through no fault of the person who suffered the orthopaedic injury, a fracture occurred by accident. Our orthopaedic injury lawyer can help strengthen your case and ensure all facts are accurately presented and in your best interests. 

Our Zayouna legal team handles all the intense negotiations with the liable party. For settlements or negotiations, you should retain counsel with our expert team. Orthopaedic injury law is a mandatory clause for registered businesses in Canada. Establishing liability with an individual may require court proceedings. Utilizing our free consultation will allow our lawyer to present you with all the legal routes and options you have.  

Why is an orthopaedic injury law important?

Not all orthopedic fractures are severe or debilitating. Some may only cause mild distress or pain. Having an orthopaedic injury can cause you to lose wages, even if only temporary. You are still entitled to seek damages for any financial costs that arose because of your orthopaedic injury. 

The law is imperative to the process of establishing entitlement and liability. Our dedicated legal representative can help explain the process of presenting and negotiating your claim. They are the professionals who stay current in their knowledge of all the legal changes or amendments. Having that peace of mind that your legal counsel has presented the best argument at the negotiation table, and the liable party is presenting you a fair offer for settlement. 

Who uses an orthopaedic injury lawyer?

Using our free consultation can provide you with legal advice that you will need if you have sustained an orthopaedic injury or fracture. 

Liability is determined through negotiations or by trial if necessary. Our lawyer will always present the best evidence possible to represent your claim and help you seek a fair settlement. 

The liable party may also undermine your suffering and present you with a dismal offer with pressure tactics heavily applied to coerce you into signing off and accepting their low-ball offer. Having an esteemed lawyer from Zayouna Law Firm in your corner will let the negligent party know you intend on pursuing a fair and just settlement. 

What is our process for working with clients who require an orthopaedic injury lawyer?

If you have suffered an orthopaedic injury, you can immediately reach out to counsel and inquire about your rights. Zayouna Law Firm provides our potential clients with a free consultation. 

We operate strictly on the basis that we are there to win for you. Our lawyers require no retainer fee for our consulting. We receive payment for our service upon your agreement to settle with the liable party. Our team uses every available resource to secure your win. 

Our Zayouna legal representative handles all communication between the liable party and you. Ensuring every aspect of the law is upheld through the negotiations process. 

As our lawyer navigates through the legal process of establishing liability and then a settlement amount, they provide you with plausible outcomes for your case.

Zayouna Law Firm: Why should you speak to our experienced orthopaedic injury lawyers?

Our Zayouna Law Firm consists of full team support with dedicated professionals that implement their mission statement in our daily operations. We practice our commitment and pursuit of Results, Relationships, and Recovery, as our guides to outperforming the rest. 

You will have no doubts that our team is 100% in your corner. Always displaying the best possible route of action for pursuing monetary compensation for your orthopaedic injury. At Zayouna Law Firm, we display our confidence by offering our potential clients the opportunity to discuss the unique details of their situation. Our goal is to provide advice on the best course of action to attain a financial settlement or determine liability. 

When you agree to have our orthopaedic injury lawyer represent you, our team begins diligently building your case and instructing you on the next course of action legally required. We help solidify your claim to fair compensation from a liable party.

Frequently Asked Questions About Orthopaedic Injury Law

There is no set amount for damages being awarded for an orthopaedic injury. There is an assessment process that provides an analytical outlook on the extent of the injury, and the possible future complications on the injured person in the long term. Those factors are used to determine any eligibility.

As with all injury claims within Canada, there is a set timeline of 2-years after the accident that caused the orthopaedic injury, or fracture. The claim must be filed within that period to be considered for compensation.

There is no definitive answer for this. The process can be quick, within days, or lengthy, months or longer. The circumstances will vary by the situation, but that is why it is advised to contact our legal team immediately after sustaining the orthopedic injury. Having the priceless expertise of a Zayouna Law Firm lawyer can help propel your case through the legal process seamlessly without any evidence being overlooked or dismissed.

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