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At Zayouna Law Firm, we really take the time and go the extra step to get personally acquainted with our clients and their situations.

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When we seek the expertise of accountants, auditors, engineers, financial advisers, real estate agents and architects, we want more than just service. That is why the law holds professionals to a higher standard of care. The branch of negligence law that deals with professionals is nuanced and specialized and requires specialized legal guidance.

Typical Clients

  • Anyone who suffered damages as a result of wrongful or negligent advice from professionals.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Typically, your claim would need to be brought within 2 years when you suffered the loss or had knowledge that you suffered the loss. However, there can be exceptions and the starting time for the 2 year period can depend on the facts of your case.

It is always a good policy to be completely transparent and honest with your lawyer regarding your case and circumstances. Your lawyers’ ability to help you may be impaired if they do not have crucial pieces of information. Everything that you disclose to the lawyer will, of course, be protected by lawyer-client privilege and will be confidential. We recommend that you provide your lawyer with all relevant documents as the outset and let the lawyers decide which documents are relevant to the action. In any case, you will be required by law to disclose to the other side all documents that are relevant to any matter in issue in the action if your action proceeds to the discovery stage.

If you are involved in a dispute with your accountant, auditor, engineer, financial adviser, real-estate agent and architect and require timely, practical and skilled advice, please contact us today for an initial consultation.

Disclaimer: None of the information above constitutes legal advice. The reader is strongly urged not to rely on anything written above in making any determination about their case. You are strongly urged to consult with and retain a lawyer and obtain legal advice from your lawyer.

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