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What is a spinal injury?

A spinal injury is damage caused to the spinal cord of an individual, resulting in loss of function or mobility. Spinal injury can be caused by an accident or by disease. Consulting with a legal team about what rights an injured person may be entitled to can help alleviate financial burdens like medical costs, treatment costs, in-or-out-patient care, loss of wages, or pain, and suffering. 

Spinal injury law falls under The Workplace Safety and Insurance Act of 1997. An amended act stemming from a cornerstone Canadian Tort Law brought into legislation in 1860. The law helps protect Canadians from financial anguish after they have suffered a serious spinal injury. 

Spinal injury law is a mandatory clause and is required by all registered Canadian businesses. The clause allows business owners to protect their assets from the risk of loss due to an accident that caused a spinal injury. Allowing even liability by default to be handled by the insurance company instead of out of the business’s finances. 

A spinal injury can have serious detrimental complications on your quality of life. Severely impacting your ability to earn wages, pay for any treatments or medications that are required. Reaching out and taking advantage of our free consultation at Zayouna Law Firm can help you put your life back in control. 

Why is a spinal injury law important?

Spinal injury law is legally in place so that you can develop a resolution with a liable party for damages you suffered as a direct result of the spinal injury. Your rights dictate that you can file a legal claim against an insurance company or a negligent party. As the claimant, you can also apply for permanent long-term disability if the circumstance warrants it once liability has reached.  

Having legal representation can help ensure your matter is dealt with promptly and fairly. There are limitations in place, correctly filing and presenting your case takes skill and dedication to help you collect monetary compensation for any losses you have incurred.

Consulting with a Zayouna Law Firm lawyer will help ensure your claim details are presented legally on your behalf. 

Who uses a spinal injury lawyer?

If a negligent party has caused you a spinal injury, you may be entitled to a monetary settlement. The medical diagnosis of spinal injuries will always be classified as severe and will require the help of a medical professional.

Having a dedicated legal representative who fully understands the laws and requirements can help you pursue any entitlement to benefits is crucial to your recovery. The dedicated team at Zayouna Law Firm understands the vast requirements for legally presenting a spinal injury case, with access to experts in the field of your recovery. Help strengthen your case and significantly improve your ability to acquire compensation with a Zayouna lawyer by your side. 

What is our process for working with clients who require a spinal injury lawyer?

The process to have a representative provide you legal counsel is easier than you think. Simply inquiring about the rights or entitlements you may have can be done with our free consultation. 

Once you have decided to retain the services of Zayouna Law Firm, we immediately begin speaking on your behalf, negotiating with the liable party to find an agreeable resolution. A resolution that can help your recovery and treatment for overcoming the spinal injury.    

Our lawyer uses every available resource to validate your claim for monetary compensation. Your dedicated lawyer will explain your rights and help ensure that tactics like duress or urgency do not sway your decision to settle without our advice.  

By having our Zayouna lawyer in your corner, you increase your chances of a successful and fair settlement.

Zayouna Law Firm: Why should you speak to our experienced spinal injury lawyers?

Our advice is to never sit on a claim and mull over the thought of taking action or retaining counsel. If you have suffered a spinal injury, it is in the interest of your better well-being that you seek the help of one of our lawyers. 

The expert advice our team at Zayouna Law Firm will present on your behalf will always be for your betterment. We will provide you with the best legal position to present your case and acquire the settlement you deserve for your spinal injury. 

Our dedicated team at Zayouna Law Firm knows how to support an injured person through the process of negotiation. By applying our tactics to force a liable party to uphold their financial commitments for negligence. 

The team at Zayouna Law Firm has decades of experience in the legalities of spinal injury claims. We have helped thousands of Canadians achieve successful and unbiased compensation packages. 

Using our free consultation, you can get legal advice on any issues you are experiencing with your spinal injury claim. It may be establishing liability or negotiating a more desirable financial outcome. Our lawyers have access to experts in the field of your recovery and can help dictate your recovery requirements on your behalf. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Spinal Injury Law

There is no set maximum amount of financial coverage an injured person can receive. There have been cases where millions have been awarded to a claimant. The specifics of your particular case or any withstanding agreements you may have with an insurance company; will be introduced for consideration within the negotiation process.

Yes, in Canada, it is required that a potential claimant must file their claim within 2-years of the accident that led to the spinal injury. The claimant is NOT required to settle their claim within that time frame. Although, some insurance companies have implemented clauses to force a claimant to settle promptly. Having a legal representative will help you bring the best claim presentation to the negotiation table.

Chances are very high that a spinal injury will require care in the interim. Our skillful lawyer at Zayouna Law Firm will debate your claim with the liable party, or insurance company. You will need care from the moment your spinal injury happens to possibly after you settle your claim. Your representative may seek partial payouts to help with your treatment and financial burdens while the settlement numbers are being negotiated to present you with a final fair resolution.

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