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At Zayouna Law Firm, we really take the time and go the extra step to get personally acquainted with our clients and their situations.

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Contract disputes are at the heart of our commercial litigation practice. Contracts govern the relationships between the different sides to a business or sale/purchase/service deal. When things go south in a business relationship or a deal, the terms of the contract often becomes the focal point. At times, contracts are just oral or by conduct without anything written down. The law offers remedies for those circumstances as well.

At Zayouna, we believe that the law can be a tool to maximize gain and fend off an unwarranted loss.

Typical Clients

  • Anybody with a dispute or disagreement with a party concerning a contract
  • An unpaid party under a contract
  • Any party under an agreement with an “arbitration clause”.

We represent individuals, small businesses and corporations, small and large, to resolve the most complex business and contractual disputes in settlement negotiations, mediations, arbitrations and litigation.

We help clients be smart about litigation. Instead of just being brute force litigators, we help our clients identify their objectives and formulate intelligent and pragmatic strategies that we then implement.

Types of Disputes

Contract disputes can take a variety of shapes and forms. Here are some types of contract disputes that we have helped resolve:

  • Sale/purchase of goods, services and real estate
  • Business contracts
  • Construction contracts
  • Cross-border deals and contracts
  • Investment and Joint-Venture contracts
  • Distributorship / Agency Contracts
  • Maintenance and supply of services contracts
  • Partnership contracts
  • Shareholder Agreements.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Generally, the purpose of an “entire agreement” clause is to keep the contract limited to the terms contained in the contract document and to exclude pre-contractual representations from affecting the parties’ contractual positions. That said, your position would depend on how the “entire agreement” clause in your contract is drafted or whether the pre-contractual representation would be seen as a “collateral agreement”.

You can apply the court for an injunction. Provided that your case meets the legal requirements, the court can “injunct” the offending party from continuing with their breach of contract, particularly where your damages cannot be compensated by money.

A lawyer can help you recover money that you are entitled to under a contract. Money recovery cases sometimes get resolved and settled before the matter is even litigated. This can happen through lawyer-to-lawyer communication. For contested cases, you will need to pursue your claim through the court. Keep in mind that the limitation period of 2 years will apply after which you will not be able to pursue your claim through the court.

If you are involved in a contract dispute and require timely, practical and skilled advice, please contact us for an initial consultation.

Disclaimer: None of the information above constitutes legal advice. The reader is strongly urged not to rely on anything written above in making any determination about their case. You are strongly urged to consult with and retain a lawyer and obtain legal advice from your lawyer

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