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Motorcycle Accidents: How to Stay Safe This Summer
Jun 25 2022 | Zayouna Admin

Motorcycle Accidents: How to Stay Safe This Summer

With warmer days and more sunshine upon us, these only mean one thing: summer is here, and the season of adventures begins. For those who love the open road and days under the sun, summer is the time to get on big bikes and enjoy riding motorcycles. But this also means a higher possibility of a motorcycle accident.

Risks of Riding a Motorcycle

But before you rev up the engine, it’s important to make sure it’s safe to ride your motorcycle. It’s no secret that motorcycles have a reputation for being quite a risky ride, with catastrophic consequences in the event of a motorcycle accident. From the risks of speeding to a low visual profile and the lack of a chassis that shields your entire body, as with cars, motorcycles come with increased risks. This is why before you ride, you need to take all the necessary safety precautions.

Can’t wait to hit the road with your big bike and see all the sights on the road across Ontario? Before you go, make sure it’s safe to ride your motorcycle. Check out this safety guide from our motorcycle accident lawyers. Ride your bike safely this summer and prevent the risk of life-altering accidents.

Safety Tips for Preventing Motorcycle Accidents

Before You Ride: Protect Yourself

One thing you should always wear when riding your motorcycle is a helmet. There’s a reason why it’s mandatory for motorcycle drivers in Ontario to wear a properly fitting helmet. It’s the only barrier between you and the road, offering crucial protection for your head and face against critical injuries like spinal cord damage or trauma to the head, brain, and neck.

But don’t just wear any helmet. It’s recommended that helmets are replaced every five to seven years as these degrade with regular use. As well, if you’ve dropped your helmet or been impacted in a previous fall or accident, it needs to be replaced sooner to ensure effective protection.

Check Your Tires

Just like any vehicle, it’s essential to check your tires and check to see if they’re in good condition. Like most motorcycle owners, you likely didn’t ride your big bike during the colder months. So now that it’s summer and the season of adventures on the road, it’s time to ensure your tires are still working properly.

During the colder months, tire pressure often drops significantly. And when you ride a motorcycle with low tire pressure, it becomes difficult to maneuver safely. When it gets warm enough to take your motorcycle out of storage and ride it, do a full vehicle tune-up to top off the tire pressure and address decaying tire treads.

Test and Tune-Up Your Brakes

Another crucial thing to do before getting back on your bike this summer is to make sure your brakes are working correctly. Working brakes are essential to road safety among all vehicles, especially in preventing motorcycle accidents.

When taking your motorcycle out of storage, try squeezing the front brake and pressing on the rear brake pedal. As well, make sure to keep an eye on the level of brake fluid and add more if you’re running low.

You also need to take a look at the calipers on the front and rear brakes. Check the condition of the brake pad material. If the brake pads have deteriorated, check in with your mechanic to have them replaced before your first ride this summer.

Make Sure You are Visible

Compared to cars and SUVs, motorcycles are known to have a low visual profile. So, what does this mean?

Simply, motorcycles—and their riders—are often a lot visible to other drivers, especially on busy roads and when it’s dark outside. The lack of visibility drastically increases the risk of collision, which unfortunately can be fatal for motorcyclists.

To prevent motorcycle accidents, ensure your vehicle has at least two lights—white in front and red at the back. If your motorcycle has a sidecar, it must have three lights—two in front and one at the back.

Try to wear light and brightly coloured outerwear as much as possible when riding. Avoid wearing dark colours, especially black, because these significantly reduce your visibility. And more than the colour of your clothes, it’s even more important that your motorcycle is visible. Similar to clothing, dark-coloured motorcycles are at risk of poor visibility and collisions. While you can’t change the colour of your bike, adding light-coloured elements like reflective tape may help with visibility.

Know How to Share the Road

Now that you’re ready to ride your motorcycle, make sure to drive safely. As a motorcycle rider, it’s important to take extra precautions when riding through busy streets, highways, and open road. And since you’re not the only one out there, it’s crucial to share the road safely.

For starters, check the weather before you head out. Avoid riding your motorcycle in extreme weather conditions that cause low visibility on the road. On roads with more than two lanes, make sure to pass other motorists on the left side so that the driver can see you in their bilnd spot. Similarly, avoid riding on gravel and poorly maintained roads. While other drivers can easily stabilize their vehicle after hitting a bump, it’s harder for motorcycles.

If you’re riding with a group of motorcyclists, maintain enough distance between each other. Similarly, avoid riding too close to anyone to avoid hiding in their blind spot to reduce the risk of collision.

When to Contact Zayouna Law Firm’s Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

At Zayouna Law Firm, our team of motorcycle accident lawyers is just a quick call away. If you or a loved one was injured in a motorcycle collision, it’s in your best interest to contact our firm right away.

Our motorcycle accident lawyers in Ontario can help you start a claim for your injuries and the extent of the damages you suffered as a result of the crash. We help you file a personal injury lawsuit and seek damages for your medical and rehabilitation bills, lost wages and earning potential, home attendant care, and other pain and suffering that have impacted you and your loved ones. Our motorcycle accident lawyers will work with you to help ensure your recovery after this devastating event.

Were you or a loved one injured in a motorcycle crash? Book a consultation with Zayouna Law Firm today. Talk to a motorcycle accident lawyer to start your personal injury claim in Ontario.

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