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Real Estate Lawyer Burlington, Ontario

At Zayouna Law Firm, we take the time and go the extra step to get acquainted with our clients and their situations.

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Experts in residential and commercial real estate matters.

A breach of the agreement of purchase and sale? Question regarding loan and mortgage enforcement? Title insurance claims or Title disputes? Real estate lawyers, Burlington will provide you with the best legal options to assist you in resolving issues related to commercial and residential real estate transactions. Zayouna Law Firm has decades of expertise in dealing with commercial and residential real estate matters in Burlington.


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A real estate lawyer is a licensed real estate attorney who has the expertise and experience to counsel parties engaged in a real estate transaction, such as a house sale or short sale. Real estate lawyers know how to write and analyze paperwork and contracts relating to the sale and purchase of a house, and they are legally authorized to do so. In certain circumstances, a real estate attorney will also be in charge of the closing process.

Having a real estate lawyer from Zayouna on your side may be quite advantageous if you simply have a hunch something could go wrong or if you want to make sure all of your bases are covered. If you are a real estate business owner, with a skilled legal professional from Zayouna who is good at estate administration on your side, you can be certain that even if things go wrong, you’ll have someone looking out for your best interests who can guide you through a difficult situation.

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How does a real estate lawyer help you?

Zayouna’s Real estate lawyers usually go over all of the legal documentation and concerns that come up over the course of a transaction. This involves doing a legal examination of the Purchase or Sale Agreement. We check the legal documents to see whether property taxes are current and if there are any claims or liens against the property that are registered or on file.

Our lawyers also check for a legitimate property title and figure out how much land transfer tax, if any, would be required at closing, as well as any other tax issues. An experienced real estate lawyer such as Zayouna will guide you in the right direction if there are any legal needs for litigation surrounding the acquisition or sale.

Reviewing the Status Certificate - Zayouna Law Firm

Reviewing the Status Certificate is vital in the circumstances involving the purchase of a condominium. It’s the key document that reveals how much money is in the condo’s reserve fund and if it’s enough to cover any future upgrades and repairs. This information will help you determine if a large one-time charge special assessment to boost reserves is on the way.

Are you looking for more legal services? If you are not an experienced buyer ask our legal experts how you can save money on real estate transactions with Zayouna. You can reach us at 416 622-4357 or email us directly here.

Real Estate Lawyer Fees

Whether you’re buying, selling, or refinancing residential/commercial real estate, you’ll need the expertise of a real estate lawyer, and clients must pay real estate attorney fees. But, how much does it cost in reality? What are you paying for, exactly? Many Canadians are perplexed by the amount of money their real estate lawyer quotes them for buying, selling, or refinancing.

While consulting a real estate lawyer may cost you money upfront, the job they perform will reward you in the long run. Their work helps property owners or those who want to become property owners in avoiding excessive costs and possible legal issues down the road. Their knowledge of real estate law may help you save time, money, and heartache.

When a real estate lawyer gives you a quote, the invoice will include legal fees, tax, disbursements, and other charges. The legal fees you pay your lawyer go for legal advice, drafting the relevant documentation to complete your case, and dealing with any complications that emerge over the course of your real estate transaction. And we can say without hesitation that there are no hidden fees.

For real estate sales, acquisitions, land transfers, and mortgage refinance, Zayouna Law Firm proudly provides flat-rate legal fees. Real estate legal expenses are made up of three sections for real estate transactions. Most lawyers quote real estate lawyer rates as a flat fee plus disbursements and additional expenses. We charge fair fees for all residential property and commercial real estate transactions and there are no hidden fees.

Hire an experienced and trusted property lawyer from Zayouna to help you avoid legal complexities and make the deal smooth when buying or selling a property.
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Why do you need a real estate lawyer?

A real estate attorney’s role is to negotiate and bring a deal together in a calm, fair, and agreeable for all parties when you are buying or selling a property. After the selling price and conditions have been determined by the real estate agents in the contract and all parties have signed, a real estate lawyer takes control. We evaluate the contract at the time of selling a home and, after a house inspection and title search, negotiate repairs and other changes to the terms of the purchase.

The lawyer, along with your real estate agent and maybe a representative from your lender, will attend the closing in case any last-minute complications arise.

Here are a few reasons buyers and sellers should consult an expert real estate lawyer like Zayouna.

  • You’re a buyer from out of town.
  • You’re purchasing a bank-owned or short-sale property.
  • You’re purchasing a property as part of an estate sale.
  • You’ve decided to purchase a commercial property.
  • You’re purchasing a property that may or may not have structural difficulties.
  • You’re purchasing a home in a high-risk location, such as a flood zone or an area with extreme weather.

Real estate transactions are complicated and entail laws; you should work with an expert lawyer to help the process go smoothly. When you work with an attorney, most individuals utilize comparable purchase agreements these days, and all you need to do is fill in a handful of spaces.

On the other hand, if you work with a real estate agent, he may not be a trusted advisor, or qualified to handle legal issues or answer queries. This is when you’ll need the help of a qualified attorney who will take care of all these matters with due diligence. Even though some agents are skilled in property negotiation and agreement, they are not qualified to make legal decisions.

Contact us know if you need help with Zayouna legal services.

How to find the right real estate lawyer?

You want to be sure that the legal professionals you deal with know what they’re talking about and are skilled at what they do. For example, purchasing a house could be the most important transaction of your life. Here are some areas to seek an excellent real estate lawyer if you don’t know where to start:

Ask family and friends for recommendations: If you are a first-time buyer or seller, ask anyone in your social circle who recently bought or sold a house and utilized an attorney, you may want to inquire about who they used and how their experience went.

Use your state’s Bar Association directory: The website of your state’s Bar Association can assist you in finding real estate attorneys in your region.

 Online Legal Review Site - Zayouna Law Firm

Check an online legal review site: If you are not an experienced buyer, there are plenty of online legal review websites that may provide you with information about lawyers in your region, including their specialty, pricing structures, and any evaluations made by former clients.

Contact Zayouna Law Firm: Our real estate lawyers, who regularly assist hundreds, have decades of experience in both commercial and residential real estate. Make an appointment with Zayouna Law Firm for a free consultation right now!

Why Zayouna Law? Expert Real Estate Lawyers In Burlington

Why Choose Us - Zayouna Law Firm

Zayouna Law Firm has trusted and experienced real estate lawyers in Burlington with the goal of always surpassing our client’s expectations and providing customized solutions to satisfy their legal requirements. We have decades of experience practicing residential and commercial real estate law in Burlington and have handled various real estate concerns for our clients, including multi-million dollar real estate transactions. Zayouna’s real estate litigation lawyers offer a personalized solution for you whether you are buying, selling, or refinancing a home, a condominium, or a commercial property.

Team Celebrating Success - Zayouna Law Firm

Zayouna Law Firm takes pride in delivering accurate, timely, and reliable legal advice. Our expertise and dedication have helped us to develop strong relationships with major lenders, banks, trust companies, and real estate agents throughout the years, with whom we collaborate to offer comprehensive legal services to our valued clients in a prompt and cost-efficient manner. At Zayouna Law Firm, we give due diligence in meeting client goals by assuring you with the guidance of a trusted advisor.

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