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Personal Injury Lawyer Toronto

At Zayouna Law Firm, we really take the time and go the extra step to get personally acquainted with our clients and their situations.

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Injuries and death are a devastating part of life but oftentimes are preventable. Preventable injuries, or worse, death caused by another person’s thoughtless or irresponsible actions, have serious repercussions.

Personal injuries have a life-changing effect on the victim, and pain has no price; that’s why Zayouna Law Firm will fight for full and fair compensation for you. Our compassionate lawyers are dedicated to protecting people like you. We help injured victims and surviving family members who have lost a family member due to wrongful death and aid the recovery process from their losses.

With an experienced Toronto personal injury lawyer on your side, you’ll never have to accept anything less than what you deserve.

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At Zayouna, we focus on all types of personal injury, including auto accidents, motorcycle accidents, trucking accidents, slip and fall accidents, brain injury, wrongful death, medical malpractice, product defects, nursing home abuse, and more.

Table of Contents

Your role in a serious personal injury lawsuit

What do your personal injury lawyers do?

Steps for filing a personal injury lawsuit

What is the worth of your personal injury claim?

Personal injury lawsuit: Compensation for damages

Personal injury claim: Our areas of expertise

Why is Zayouna Law Firm the best choice for your personal injury claim?

Your role in a serious personal injury lawsuit

When you are the plaintiff in a personal injury case, there are only a few things you need to do, including:

  • Refuse to admit fault for your injuries
  • Continue receiving treatment from your physician
  • Document any ups and downs you face because of your injury
  • Keep track of any ups and downs you have as a result of your injury and
  • Provide your attorney with any material that may support your case, like a police report, insurance records, and images or videos of your injuries or the accident site.

With Zayouna Law Firm, the best personal injury law firm in Toronto, you don’t have to fight this battle alone.

What do your personal injury lawyers do?

Personal Injury Lawyers - Zayouna Law Firm

Your lawyer and the legal team should be at the front lines of your battle to obtain the compensation you deserve in a personal injury lawsuit.

At first, they will examine your case to decide the best strategy for defending you. They are going to:

  • Determine the extent and breadth of your injuries, as well as the negligent conditions that were involved
  • Conduct an investigation of the accident scene
  • Interview witnesses
  • Request documentation
  • Consult with a health care professional
  • Conduct a review of photos, videos and documents
  • Collaborate with professionals who can reconstruct the accident site.

Our lawyers will utilize this information to negotiate with the defendant’s attorneys to obtain the maximum compensation possible. Often, this occurs during a settlement meeting; however, if the large corporation or the insurance company refuses to budge, our attorneys are qualified, experienced, and prepared to litigate. (Whether via settlement or litigation, we have frequently been able to get the compensation that exceeds the defence’s first low-ball offers.)

Steps for filing a personal injury lawsuit

Following your consultation with a medical practitioner and consideration of filing a personal injury case, there are a few basic procedures to take. These are key to cases involving slip and falls, motor vehicles, and other personal injury accidents.

Personal Injury Lawsuit - Zayouna Law Firm

Contact a lawyer:

Talk to a lawyer who has handled personal injury lawsuits for many years. They use a strategic approach to evaluating cases in order to decide if you are eligible to advance with a personal injury claim and how much compensation you may be entitled to in a case.

Building your case

Once you sign a retainer agreement, your lawyer and legal team will begin reviewing every side of your case, i.e., your injuries and the situations surrounding their occurrence, the evidence, your employment history and earnings, your family’s circumstances, and any other factors that will bolster your claim.

Negotiations for a settlement

Serious Injury - Zayouna Law Firm

Your lawyer should write a “demand letter” to your insurance company or any third party outlining your case for damages. More often, this is where your attorney can assist you to obtain a favourable personal injury settlement that can help you reclaim your sense of self-worth.

Filing a lawsuit

However, if the opposing party proposes a low-ball settlement number or flatly refuses a fair settlement, your legal team will switch gears and prepare to launch a lawsuit to obtain the best compensation feasible.


This is when both parties of a lawsuit share documents and other evidence, as necessary. During this time, your lawyer will seek out any paperwork the opposing party may have that might help support your case.


When an issue cannot be resolved amicably, it is tried before a judge and jury. This is the period when your attorney will defend your case, which may include conducting expert witness interviews. ​

Given our track record of obtaining multimillion-dollar jury awards, insurance companies and other parties are frequently apprehensive about facing Zayouna Law Firm’s personal injury lawyers in court.


What is the worth of your personal injury claim?

You may be curious about the value of your personal injury claim. The value of your case is based upon a number of factors, including the situation surrounding your accident, the seriousness of your injuries, and the limits of your insurance coverage. The key factor affecting case value is the number of damages that the plaintiff may get, which may include the following:

Personal Injury Claim - Zayouna Law Firm

Medical bills incurred in the past

Medical bills incurred in the future

Lost wages

Loss of earning ability

Loss of consortium

Your pain and suffering

Initially, several of those issues may lack a clearly identified value. However, based on their prior experience, our attorneys may be able to provide an estimated case value after reviewing your police records, medical records, statements, and other evidence, such as the advancement or regression of your physical and mental status following an accident. This whole picture might give insight into what to foresee in personal injury litigation.

Personal injury lawsuit: Compensation for damages

As previously stated, plaintiffs may be compensated for specific types of losses incurred as a result of their injuries. In short, personal injury lawsuits are brought to get compensation, commonly referred to as “damages,” for the losses incurred by plaintiffs. The objective is to compensate an injured victim so that he or she does not have to suffer the financial burden of another’s actions.

There are several types of damages that can be recovered in a personal injury case, some of which are “economic” in nature and are directly related to the expenditures spent in the aftermath of an accident, and others that are “noneconomic” in nature and are more subjective. What is accessible and how (and if) it is limited is determined by your location and/or the location of the injury.

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Medical expenses

Individuals engaged in a personal injury accident may require medical treatment. This may involve diagnostic testing, therapy, hospitalizations, and outpatient care to address acute injuries. However, this is not always the case. Additionally, medical treatment may be necessary on an ongoing basis, particularly if there are severe or chronic injuries. In the long term, this may be quite expensive. The injured may face thousands of dollars in medical expenditures. Ideally, the damages imposed against the defendant in a settlement or trial would cover all of this.

Lost wages & Financial stress

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You sustained an injury and were unable to work. Perhaps you used some sick leave to attend doctor’s visits, or maybe you were in the hospital and needed a significant amount of time off. Or you were seriously hurt and are unable to work. Whether you miss a few days of work or are unable to work in the future, you may be eligible for compensation for those missed wages.

In the past, our lawyers have represented individuals who were denied disability insurance and whose disability benefits claims have been wrongly refused or terminated.

Pain and suffering

Pain And Suffering - Zayouna Law Firm

This category of compensation is determined and paid on the basis of the extent and breadth of your pain and suffering — your kind of injury and the extent of medical care necessary. To get this level of compensation, which might surpass a million dollars in a jury trial, the plaintiff must present as much evidence as possible demonstrating the effect of an injury caused by the negligence of another.

Medical records, which include diagnoses, medications, clinical visits, and hospital stays, are critical for determining the amount and duration of rehabilitation following an accident. This approach, however, is only effective if you are proactive in your treatment and communicate well with your physician. Moreover, it might be beneficial to photograph and videotape your injuries and keep written records of your symptoms.

By accumulating sufficient evidence that adequately depicts your condition, you provide information that the court (or even an insurance adjuster) can use to decide the amount of money you should get for pain and suffering. In general, there is no single, standard calculation used in court to determine a dollar amount for pain and suffering. In fact, a jury may award compensation for pain and suffering based on very subjective elements such as the plaintiff’s reliability and personal like for the plaintiff. Having recorded and supporting data might assist boost your claim for pain and suffering compensation when these subjective criteria are present.

Emotional distress

This compensation is based on the mental and emotional state of an injured party following an accident. After all, severe harm is not limited to the outside of a person. Depending on the circumstances surrounding the event, a personal injury victim may suffer from mild to severe mental trauma, such as PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder).

To recover damages for emotional distress, you normally need complete and reliable documents from your therapist, psychiatrist, or psychologist, or as well as a diagnosis of a specific mental disorder.

Wrongful death

Taking to the Emergency Unit - Zayouna Law Firm

Wrongful death claims are legal lawsuits brought by the survivors of an individual or individuals killed in an accident due to another individual’s or party’s carelessness or misbehaviour. Survivors are left without the departed family member’s affection, support, and income, and courts can give compensation appropriately.

Compensation for wrongful death might assist in alleviating financial problems connected with the loss of a loved one. Compensation is provided to repay survivors for lost income, unpaid debts, and burial expenses incurred as a result of their family member’s death. Likewise, it is intended to compensate for less measurable aspects of wrongful death, such as the untimely and needless loss of a spouse or parent. For children who survive their parents, for example, legislation will often refer to this as “lost parental companionship, teaching, and direction.”

Loss of consortium

If you or your beloved is injured in a traumatic accident and unable to maintain a full relationship with your partner or spouse (or with them) — or if one of you is killed in an accident — you may be entitled to compensation for loss of consortium (AKA “loss of companionship”).

Punitive damages

Plaintiffs may be entitled to punitive damages, a sort of judgment that punishes defendants for extremely heinous acts. This distinguishes this sort of compensation from other types of damages, which are primarily intended to compensate the wounded plaintiff.

Lady Justice Statue - Zayouna Law Firm

Not only does a punitive damages judgement punish the offender, but it can also work as a deterrent, deterring other individuals and businesses from participating in similar behaviour. To award such compensation, the court must find that the plaintiff’s actions were either deliberate or the outcome of wanton and willful wrongdoing. An insurance company that is negligent or dishonest or a medical expert who commits malpractice are examples. An experienced personal injury lawyer will fight for you. Contact Zayouna Law Firm for a free consultation.

Personal injury claim: Our areas of expertise

The following are many types of personal injury lawsuits our firm handles on behalf of accident victims and their families.

Accident Benefits Claims
ATV Accidents
Bicycle Injuries
Bike Accidents
Boating Accident
Brain Injuries
Crashed Car - Zayouna Law Firm
Car Accidents
Catastrophic Injury
Chronic Pain
Faulty Products
Insurance Disputes
Long Term Disability
Medical Malpractice
Motorcycle Accident
Motor Vehicle Accident Toronto - Zayouna Law Firm
Motor Vehicle Accident
Motor Vehicle Accidents
Orthopaedic Injuries (fractures)
Pedestrian Accidents
Personal Injury
Product Liability
Psychological/Mental Distress
Slip And Fall Accident
Snowmobile Accidents
Spinal Cord Injuries
Tort Claims
Traumatic Brain Injury
Truck Accidents
Wrongful Death Cases

We have represented victims of many serious incidents that led to permanent disability or even fatal injury. Zayouna Law Firm takes a personal interest in each of our cases ensures an excellent level of client service consistently.

Why is Zayouna Law Firm the best choice for your personal injury claim?

Signing the Claim - Zayouna Law Firm

Whether we like it or not, an accident can happen anywhere, at any time, and in a majority of the situations, these accidents result in personal injury and financial liability for the parties involved. Personal injury includes bodily harm produced by physical trauma or external force, such as falls, accidents, wrongful death, or weapons. This might have resulted in a person’s disability or, in the worst-case scenario, death, but regardless of the outcome, these situations require the assistance of experienced personal injury lawyers.

Canadian law is severe and stringent when it comes to personal injuries or property damage to another person. This is why it is critical for someone in this situation to seek the service of experienced personal injury lawyers who can provide sound legal advice and assist with all legal proceedings.

Zayouna Law Firm is the leading Personal Injury Law Firm in Toronto, and we handle most of the cases for personal injury in Toronto.

Medical malpractice lawyers

Zayouna Law Firm has a team of personal injury attorneys who handle claims involving workplace injuries, medical negligence, slip and fall accidents, automobile accidents, and traffic collisions. We provide legal counsel to both parties – whether you are the victim or the perpetrator. If you have had a brain injury, our brain injury lawyers will fight for your rights and represent your interests aggressively.

Medical Malpractice Lawyers - Zayouna Law Firm

Our personal injury lawyers in Toronto have the expertise and experience necessary to handle accident claims, compensation, and insurance, as well as numerous connections with many other organizations that may aid in resolving cases in our client’s favour.

As a personal injury law firm, we are well-versed in all sorts of insurance claims. Our lawyers handle every part of an insurance claim, including filing the insurance claim, representing you in court, and arbitrating and negotiating with insurance counsel.

Knowledgeable Lawyers

If you aren’t familiar with how the legal system works, navigating it can be a difficult task. Large insurance companies will take advantage of this knowledge asymmetry in order to reduce the amount of money they have to pay to the wounded party.

Zayouna Law Firm, certified by the Law Society of Ontario, provides strategic legal advice in all areas of personal injury law. As a top personal injury lawyer Toronto firm, our team of personal injury attorneys and legal professionals is committed to providing you with client-focused assistance and advice throughout the legal process.

If you’re a party to a personal injury lawsuit or a victim, our team of personal injury lawyers will assist you throughout the legal process and will seek the most appropriate settlement possible.

Personal Injury Lawyers Toronto – We deliver the best results for you and your family.

If you require personal injury lawyers in Toronto, now is the time to schedule a free consultation of a confidential case evaluation with the best personal injury lawyer in town. Contact our head office for practical legal advice, civil litigation, insurance claims, legal representation and discover why millions of people trust us.

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  • What do your personal injury lawyers do?
  • Steps for filing a personal injury lawsuit
  • What is the worth of your personal injury claim?
  • Personal injury lawsuit: Compensation for damages
  • Personal injury claim: Our areas of expertise
  • Why is Zayouna Law Firm the best choice for your personal injury claim?


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