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You got into an accident and sustained injuries. You’re experiencing pain and suffering, have missed work, and your medical bills are building up. What do you do? To whom do you turn? When dealing with the aftermath of a personal injury accident, you need to find a personal injury lawyer who can assist you in holding the responsible parties accountable and pursuing the full compensation you deserve.

An experienced personal injury lawyer will have the expertise and skills to establish your case, negotiate with the insurance company, and, if required, take up your case to trial. The Burlington personal injury lawyers at Zayouna Law Firm have what it takes to handle your claim effectively. We will be able to decide if an offer is fair and whether settling or taking your case to trial is in your best interest.

Table of Contents

  1. Why should you hire a personal injury lawyer?
  2. What damages can you recover from a Burlington personal injury lawsuit?
  3. Common types of personal injury cases in Burlington, Ontario
  4. Hiring a personal injury lawyer: What will it cost you?
  5. Frequently asked questions: Personal injury

Why should you hire a personal injury lawyer?

  • You have to level the playing field
  • You really need time to focus on getting better
  • You are not quite sure about who’s responsible for your injury
  • You don’t know what your personal injury case is worth

What damages can you recover from a Burlington personal injury lawsuit?


At Zayouna, our Burlington personal injury lawyers will aggressively pursue damages from anyone who caused you harm. In principle, there are three different types of damages that may be available to accident victims in Ontario: Economic, Non-economic, and Punitive.


Economic damages are granted to compensate you for the financial costs associated with your accident.

This may involve the following:

medical bills,
damage to property, and
lost wages and income.

The goal of economic damages is to ensure that you are made whole following an accident that resulted in a personal injury accident.


The damages you incur due to personal injury will not be easily measurable in simple monetary terms. That doesn’t mean they’re not devastating or even harmful. It simply means that the value of those injuries might differ considerably from one case to another.

You may be compensated for non-economic damages for things like severe pain, pain and suffering, emotional distress, including depression, PTSD, and anxiety, loss of enjoyment of life, disfigurement and scarring, and more. It’s important to work with a Burlington personal injury lawyer who understands how to fight for you and ensure that your non-economic damages are fairly evaluated and compensated.


Punitive damages are awarded to penalize someone who has caused significant harm. They are rarely awarded in personal injury claims. Ultimately it depends on each case and its specific circumstances and if the defendant’s conduct warrants punishment.

In general, punitive awards are only handed down when there is clear and compelling evidence that the defendant’s actions demonstrated wilful misconduct, fraud, malice, oppression, wantonness, or an overall lack of care that raises the assumption of conscious indifference to consequences.

Call us today at 416-622-4357 to discuss your personal injury with a compassionate personal injury lawyer who understands the pain, frustration, and financial difficulties you are facing. We can help you seek justice, peace of mind, monetary compensation, and a return to a more healthy life during this traumatic time.

Common types of personal injury cases in Burlington, Ontario

The most common personal injury cases in Burlington are car accidents, motor vehicle accidents, semi-truck accidents, bicycle accidents, boat accidents etc.


Others include brain injury, fall accident, wrongful death, long-term disability claim, slip and fall, cases related to negligent drivers.


If you or any family member is hurt and needs help, consult our personal injury lawyers for advice about their specific legal situation. Request a free consultation with a Burlington personal injury lawyer now.

Hiring a personal injury lawyer: What will it cost you?

Our Burlington personal injury lawyers at Zayouna Law Firm operate on a contingency fee basis. This means that our legal fees are contingent upon the result of your case. We get paid if you win – i.e. you win a verdict at trial or get a settlement deal.

There is no way to estimate the actual cost of hiring an accident attorney. It will depend on the nature of your case, its complexity, and the amount of money you are eventually awarded.

Ultimately, hiring a lawyer to handle your case is usually much more cost-effective. Why? You have a far better chance to maximize your financial recovery when an experienced lawyer is involved. Furthermore, hiring a lawyer could be the difference between walking away with nothing at all and a substantial award.

We provide free consultations, so contact our law office now to make an appointment to discuss your situation today.

Frequently asked questions: Personal injury

What is a personal injury case?

A legal action in which one party – (the plaintiff) claims to have sustained injuries; as a result, something another party (the defendant) did. It can be a claim – similar to a private process between an accident victim and an insurance company – or a civil lawsuit.

Do you have a case for personal injury?

You might have a case if you were injured as a result of someone else’s negligence, deliberate injury, or strict liability for your injuries under Ontario state law.

Regardless of why you’re bringing a lawsuit, you’ll need to establish the following:

Someone else was required by law to act in a specific manner (e.g., drive safely, conduct product test before it goes to the market, adhere to workplace safety standards). They failed, and as a result, You were injured and sustained losses.

Finally, the only way to determine if you have a case is to consult with an expert attorney. A lawyer – particularly one who specializes in personal injury law – can listen to your story, weigh the facts, and evaluate if you have grounds to launch a case if any.

How much is your case worth?


Every case is unique, and that’s a good thing. The circumstances of your situation should determine the value.

Important factors to consider throughout the appraisal process include the following:

The nature of your injury
The injury’s likelihood for temporary or permanent incapacity
Out-of-pocket expenses
Future expenditures associated with your rehabilitation
If – and to what extent – your injury has impacted your ability to return to work
How much mental agony and suffering you are experiencing as a result of the event.

Usually, the more severe the injury is, the greater the value of the subsequent personal injury claim.

How long does it take to resolve your case?

If you accept a settlement offer, your case may be finished within weeks or months. If your case goes to trial, after all, it is possible that it may take a year or two (or more) to get a verdict.

Accepting an early offer or rushing into a contract is not always a wise decision – especially if your injuries are severe. While it may put money in your pocket today, it may leave you with far less than you really deserve (and much less than your case is really worth).

The best rule of thumb is to delay resolving your case until you are completely capable of identifying and valuing all of your losses.

Is it likely that your case will go to trial?

It is possible. However, the majority of personal injury lawsuits do not go to trial. The great majority of cases settle before proceeding to the trial phase. However, there is no guarantee that your case will not end up in front of a court and jury. That is why it is critical to get the services of an attorney who has actual trial experience.

Hiring a lawsuit attorney serves as a warning to insurance companies. It demonstrates that you are not scared to reject low-ball proposals and proceed to a jury trial. This might be a significant incentive during negotiations, assisting you in obtaining a better offer.

What is a case of negligence?

The majority (but not all) of personal injury claims are brought on the basis of negligence. It indicates that someone owed you an obligation to perform in a specific manner but failed to do so, and you were harmed directly as a result.

How can you prove negligence?

Four different elements must be established:

  1. Obligation (the defendant owed you a duty of care)
  2. Breach (the defendant acted irrationally in light of the facts)
  3. Causation (the defendant’s activities directly resulted in your injury) and
  4. Damages (you sustained measurable or recognizable damages as a result of the defendant’s acts).

You have the responsibility to prove that someone else’s negligence caused your injuries. This may appear simple, but it may be difficult to accomplish – especially when you are constantly confronted by the defendant (or their insurer).

In a personal injury case, who is liable?


Under Ontario law, anybody who contributes directly or indirectly to your harm may be held accountable. According to the circumstances of your case, potentially responsible parties may include motorists, business owners, property owners, employers of negligent parties, government agencies, product manufacturers, hospitals, healthcare professionals, etc.

An attorney will do a complete review of your case, conduct an investigation into the facts, and gather evidence to assist them in identifying everyone who contributed to your injury.

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