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Disability Lawyer Burlington

If you are unable to work and generate an income as a result of an injury or illness, you may be dependent on disability payments. It could be from an insurance company, your employer, or the Canada Pension Plan that helps you get through this tough time.

Unfortunately, many people who apply for disability payments have their claims refused without receiving a satisfactory explanation. Some don’t even have the knowledge of what they must submit for their claim to be approved. It is hard enough to deal with the pain, fear, and frustration that they may be experiencing due to the accident or illness, along with the financial burden of not supporting themselves.

When assisting clients with disability insurance difficulties, the Zayouna Law Firm’s legal team’s knowledge in medical malpractice, personal injury, and insurance law will add depth to your claim. Whether interpreting an insurance policy, defending your rights in negotiations with the insurer, or making court appearances, we counsel and support our clients in all junctures.

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Your disability insurance claim is denied! What next?
The benefits of hiring a disability lawyer
When should I consult a lawyer?
Zayouna Law Firm: Your Burlington Disability Lawyer

Your disability insurance claim is denied! What next?




When your disability claim is denied, depending on the reason for the refusal, you have the option of filing an appeal with your insurance provider or filing a lawsuit. It may be better to appeal a rejection if you have missed deadlines or appointments but have valid reasons. The policy will include the time limit for filing an appeal (typically 30 or 60 days for LTD (Long Term Disability) policy) as well as other conditions.

If the insurer accepts your explanation, you can file an appeal to acquire the money you need at the earliest. Even in simple cases, insurance companies will try to avoid paying, especially if you do not have a lawyer on your side.

If an insurance company thinks that you have a good chance of winning your appeal, they will often try to settle your claim altogether. However, they will usually only provide a fraction of the possible advantages. Zayouna’s disability lawyers are skilled negotiators who will assist you in maximizing any settlement offer.




The internal appeal process seldom works in your favor when your claim is refused for medical reasons. Instead of losing time while waiting for rewards, it is usually preferable to file a lawsuit.

In Ontario, you typically have two years to file a lawsuit. However, in some LTD cases, the statute of limitations is only one year. We highly advise you to file a lawsuit within one year of receiving the refusal notice. Of course, the sooner you begin the procedure, the sooner we can assist you in successfully resolving it.

You can claim for late benefits, additional compensation, such as punitive or aggravated damages and damages for mental trauma, and other types of relief in a case. If you win, you can also ask for reimbursement of your legal fees. Rather than going to trial, your insurer will often offer to settle your claim, including payment for future benefits. If this happens, we’ll discuss settlement choices with you and let you know if we think it’s in your best interest.


Chance To Appeal - Zayouna Law Firm


You should have a copy of your insurance policy; the denial letter; your medical paperwork, including any insurer evaluations or reports; and your file that includes correspondence to start the process.

Don’t go up against the insurance companies on your own; call Zayouna Law Firm today for more information and a free consultation to explore your options.

The benefits of hiring a disability lawyer?




Filing a long-term disability claim may be a time-consuming and challenging process. With the endless paperwork, legal terms, and rigid deadlines, it’s no surprise that so many individuals wind up with a refused claim or simply quit up.

When dealing with a disability, accident, or mental illness, fighting an insurance company can be especially scary. Good news! You don’t have to go through this by yourself.

If you’re considering hiring a lawyer, here’s what you need to know:

Reduce your stress




When you’re suffering from an injury or disability, the last thing you need is additional stress by dealing with an insurance company. You already have plenty to worry about with your income, health, and medical treatment.

Unfortunately, insurers frequently employ various deceptive strategies to delay or deny valid claims. Claimants have to deal with unacceptably long wait times and are at times forced to submit irrelevant or unnecessary information. They have to keep up with policy changes in the requirements for people with disabilities, and even the insurance company may fail to completely disclose the policy’s provisions. Sometimes a legitimate claim is also dismissed for bogus and invalid reasons.


Free Evaluation - Zayouna Law Firm


Experienced lawyers at Zayouna Law Firm understand that these practices are too common in disability litigation cases. Our disability lawyers will be by your side in every step of your journey, offering our invaluable support to ensure you avoid these pitfalls. We will manage all legal negotiations and bureaucratic red tape for you, allowing you to concentrate on what truly matters: your health and well-being.

Avoid Costly Mistakes


Avoid Costly Mistakes - Zayouna Law Firm


Insurance firms purposefully make the application process complicated, and they may try to take advantage of you at any time. A lawyer can help you fully understand your insurance company’s policy to know what you’re covered for and what you’re entitled to.

It’s important to keep in mind that it’s not unusual for insurers to purposefully frame things in a way to mislead or deceive you. Your claim might be refused if you complete one form wrong. When you unintentionally say something negative, the insurance company can even use it against you.

By hiring a knowledgeable lawyer specializing in disability law, you can be confident that every document will be completed accurately and meticulously.

A chance to appeal




If your disability claim is refused, you have the option to appeal, which means presenting further evidence so that the insurance company can reconsider its decision. It is possible that an appeal will reverse the verdict, but it will merely delay the process in most cases.

Some insurance companies will go to considerable efforts to reject your claim. Think what would happen if your insurance company supplying you with security footage proving your claim was false. This is a real possibility: some firms would engage a private investigator to follow you about with a camera to prove you’re capable of more than you state.

You’ll need a qualified long-term disability lawyer to fight for your rights and argue on your behalf if this occurs to you.

Make your claim stronger.




There is no doubt that a lawyer can assist you in strengthening your claim. Their primary responsibility is to acquire the essential evidence and information in order to improve your claim’s chances of being settled successfully. Here are some ways they may help you:

Assist you in completing claim forms.
Examine your medical records.
Make sure you submit your application and appeals on time.
Provide counselling to assist you in avoiding typical pitfalls and loopholes.
Getting testimony from an expert witness.
Get your claim approved faster.
If necessary, file a lawsuit.




Insurance companies prefer working with people who don’t have a lawyer because their claims are easier to deny without giving a good reason. When you have a personal injury legal firm on your side, the insurance company is forced to consider your case seriously.

When should I consult a lawyer?




Many people wait until after their claim has been denied to get help from a lawyer. Hiring a lawyer at the start of the application process can help clear up the confusion and worry that comes with it.

If you’re going to file a disability lawsuit, it’s crucial to hire a skilled lawyer first. After filing a lawsuit, your record will be closed, so you can’t send in any more information after that. A lawyer can help you add more medical records and evidence to your case if you hire them before your appeal is over.

The sooner you have a lawyer, the sooner you can figure out the best way to move forward.

Zayouna Law Firm: Your Burlington Disability Lawyer




Don’t give up if your disability claim has been denied or if you are feeling confused by the application process. It may appear like you’re fighting a losing battle, but you don’t have to give up just yet – this is merely a signal that it’s time to seek expert help. We at Zayouna understand how tedious and time-consuming this process is.

Zayouna’s devoted team of skilled lawyers will fight for your rights and assist you in receiving the compensation you deserve. We can help you at every level of the lengthy disability claims process, whether you’re just getting started or need to submit an appeal.




Given the tough financial circumstances of many LTD and CPP Disability applicants, Zayouna Law Firm offers a free initial consultation. We are open to alternative billing arrangements for our clients, including contingency agreements.

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