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Disability Lawyer Toronto

At Zayouna Law Firm, we really take the time and go the extra step to get personally acquainted with our clients and their situations.

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People buy insurance policies hoping that they will help them move forward during difficult times. When your business has a setback, when your home is destroyed by fire, or when you are diagnosed with a chronic condition that needs long-term care, you look to your insurance company for assistance.

Policyholders suffer when insurance companies are unreasonable and refuse claims or fail to respect their policies. In such an event, Zayouna Law Firm is here to defend your rights as a policyholder against the insurance companies’ unjust decisions.

Our Toronto disability lawyers are dedicated to helping our clients get justice by using disability law. When claims are refused or delayed, a competent team like ours can assist clients to achieve full payment and pursue punitive penalties to encourage insurance companies to fail to live up to the policyholders’ claim.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us right away at 416 622-4357 if your insurance company has unfairly and unreasonably refused or delayed your claim or if they have neglected to represent you against a lawsuit.

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We will help you determine the best possible way to present your claim and maximize your disability benefits.

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We work with medical doctors and other specialists, submit your documentation with medical evidence, and interact directly with decision-makers to build a disability claim.

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Our disability lawyer assists you in obtaining compensation and long-term disability care in order to re-establish yourself as a financially responsible provider for your family.

Why hire a disability lawyer?


Disability Lawyer - Zayouna Law Firm


The most important reason to employ a disability lawyer to help you with your case is that you will have a higher chance of being approved. While it’s true that some individuals who apply for benefits on their own are accepted, statistics indicate that an applicant whom legal counsel represents is more likely to be approved than one who isn’t. When individuals apply for a claim, in most cases the claim has been denied.

Internal appeals processes at insurance companies can take years to complete. This is not only frustrating, but it also indicates that you may have waited too long to challenge your insurance for disability benefits in Ontario.

Disability lawyers understand how to present a case in the most favourable light for their customers, from the first application through the hearing level and beyond. That is why, in order to defend your rights and obtain disability benefits, you need to seek the assistance of a disability lawyer.

When should I consult a disability lawyer?


Person with Disability - Zayouna Law Firm


The earlier, the better. You should contact a disability lawyer for a free consultation if you’re even thinking about filing a disability claim. Your lawyer can assist you in determining the strength of your case and guide you through the application process step by step. While some people prefer to go through this without legal assistance, having a lawyer on your side increases your chances of your claim being approved.

Hiring a lawyer to help with your first application is a good idea, but getting one after you’ve been refused should be a no-brainer. A disability lawyer can improve your chances of success while getting your case through the system faster as they have knowledge of the disability claim and are well-versed in disability law. Particularly if your financial situation is bad or your medical condition is terminal (for instance, being homeless or the house being foreclosed on).

However, it’s crucial to note that a lawyer’s efforts to expedite a case are sometimes unsuccessful and that most claimants, including those who are represented by a legal team, must wait months or even years for the case to be decided.

The only time you shouldn’t consult a disability lawyer is after you’ve submitted your initial application and are waiting for a response. There’s not much your attorney can do at this stage, so agreeing to pay an attorney 25% of your past-due payments until you obtain a rejection of the disability claim makes little sense. In almost every other circumstance, the advantages of having a knowledgeable lawyer on your side significantly outweigh the costs.


Clients can contact us at any time if they have a query or want to discuss a case with an experienced lawyer. We swiftly respond to messages and do not impose any obstacles to contact by screening calls or demanding appointments. If the lawyer is unavailable, highly qualified legal team members are ready to answer inquiries and resolve issues as fast as possible.


The lawyers at Zayouna Law Firm are among Toronto’s most experienced disability lawyers. Thousands of clients have benefited from our support with short-term disability claims, long-term disability claims, and various other disability claims. Our lawyers are recognized specialists around the country, routinely training others and leading legal groups.


When Zayouna Lawyers take a case, we are willing to go to any length to substantiate the claim. If evidence is required, we obtain it immediately rather than waiting for it. We have a reputation for moving quickly, searching for methods to get a hearing sooner, avoiding evidentiary delays, and taking action right away.

Short-Term Disability Benefits


Short-Term Disability Benefits - Zayouna Law Firm


If you are unable to work due to illness or accident, short-term disability insurance will normally cover you for up to six months. You must apply for benefits through the disability plan if your company has a short-term insurance plan. Sickness benefits are only available once you have worked for a specified amount of hours and have used up all of your sick leave.

Research the costs and advantages of a short-term disability plan before signing with an insurance company. Check out how much you’ll have to pay each month, what perks you’ll get, and whether they’ve been adjusted for inflation.

Has your insurance company refused your disability claim? Do you believe your insurance provider is not being fair to you? To schedule a free consultation with one of our disability claims lawyers, call us at 416 622-4357.

Long-Term Disability Benefits


Disability Claim Form - Zayouna Law Firm


Long-term disability benefits (LTD benefits) start only when you’ve exhausted your leave wages, short-term disability insurance, and sickness benefits from your employer. For getting benefits from long-term disability, the claimant must be “totally disabled” and unable to work.

Before you sign the LTD (Long Term Disability) policy with the insurance company, you must first grasp the terms and conditions of the disability insurance plan. You should make a note of any exclusions or restrictions that deal with pre-conditions. Learn how the plan for long-term disability defines impairment and how long you’ll have to wait for compensation.

It might be upsetting to learn that your long-term disability claim has been refused, adding to the burden that your condition has already caused. Insurance companies will employ a variety of strategies to deny your long-term disability claim and push you to forego the money you are due. They will attempt to convince you that you are helpless, despite the fact that you do have legally enforceable rights.

If you have a long-term disability and have concerns about whether you are receiving the financial assistance you are entitled to, contact Zayouna Law Firm for a free consultation immediately. Our Toronto disability lawyers understand the complexities of the long-term disability claim process, from filing the initial claims to pursuing appeals for denied disability benefits. Contact our long-term disability lawyer at 416 622-4357 if you or someone you love has been denied insurance benefits for long-term disability.

What kind of disabilities are covered under an insurance policy?


Disabilities Under An Insurance Policy - Zayouna Law Firm


The majority of long-term disability insurance policies cover diseases and disabilities that prevent you from returning to work. Every policy will have its own set of terms that might exclude or limit insurance coverage. Before providing private disability insurance, the insurer will generally conduct underwriting to discover any pre-existing conditions that it does not wish to cover. Specific disorders, such as psychological or subjective disability, may be excluded from most group insurance policies bought via employers. An insurance company will check whether you have any pre-existing conditions through proper medical assessments before purchasing long-term disability insurance.

A definition of disability will be included in many policies. These terms are crucial since the severity of your handicap might affect whether or not you receive compensation. For the first two years, insurance companies will use your ability to work in your own occupation as a criterion for disability. Following that, the test becomes more stringent, requiring you to be unable to work in any capacity.

In the event of a denial, you should have your insurance policy reviewed by an expert insurance lawyer to see if you have a case. For more information about your disability claims, contact Zayouna Law Firm at 416 622-4357.

How much are you entitled to?


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The amount of a long-term disability payment is determined by the insurance policy’s terms. Some policies offer a pre-determined sum, while others use a formula that might vary from 50 to 80 percent of your regular wages. Other income sources, such as workplace safety and insurance benefits and CPP long-term disability benefits, may reduce the payout amount. The insurance policy will detail any offsets or reductions.

How do you get your benefits paid?


Judgement Hammer - Zayouna Law Firm


Every case is unique and will need the expertise and judgment of our experienced insurance lawyers. Many scenarios will demand expert opinion proof from your health and medical practitioners to back up your disability claims. A lawsuit can frequently be resolved by mediation or negotiated settlement; however, some instances may need a trial.

Zayouna Law Firm has extensive expertise in handling disability insurance claims and obtaining disability rights for individuals in Toronto and across Canada. To discuss your disability claim, call us at 416 622-4357.

Why choose Zayouna Law Firm?


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Our lawyers are well-known for their expertise in addressing complicated insurance lawsuits brought by insurance companies and for establishing new laws, and widening the applicability of established legal precedents.

  • We fight for individual policyholders who are having problems with their life insurance policies, a claim against their homeowners’ or vehicle insurance policies, or a health and disability policy and a policy with benefits terminated.
  • We fight on behalf of individuals who are having problems navigating an employer’s benefit plan, health insurance policy, or long-term disability plan with the help of employment rights.
  • We represent business policyholders in disputes involving a broad range of commercial insurance products and specialized businesses, such as marine enterprises, construction organizations, and financial services firms.

Zayouna Law Firm is not hesitant to take on insurance companies, giving powerless policyholders a voice and defending their rights. We believe that they should be treated fairly and in good faith. We have worked with virtually every major insurance company and are unafraid to prosecute and hold them accountable. We have an excellent track record of demonstrating that we are serious about your claims to insurance companies.

The types of disability claim Zayouna Law Firm can help with our legal services include:


Best Choice For Your Personal Injury Claim - Zayouna Law Firm

Chronic Pain
Critical Illness
Depression and Anxiety
Long-Term Disability
Short-Term Disability

Free evaluation of your case


Succesful Completion of the Case - Zayouna Law Firm


If your disability claims have been refused, terminated, or are under investigation by the insurance company, please call us at 416 622-4357 right away for a free and confidential consultation. Our disability lawyer will fight for you to assure your disability rights and get the best possible results.

You can visit our Toronto office located at 10 Four Seasons, Ontario. We are open Monday through Friday, with office hours from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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