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Traumatic Brain Injury [TBI] is among the worst injuries that a person may sustain, but it occurs more frequently than most of us are aware of. Although the causes and results of TBI vary, many head injury survivors face serious injuries that forever alter their life and the lives of those around them. Survivors may suffer from physical, cognitive, emotional, linguistic, and psychological impairments, demanding years of expensive rehabilitation and care.

If you’re suffering from a mild, moderate, or severe TBI – especially if it’s as a result of someone else’s negligence – Zayouna Law Firm’s experienced brain injury lawyers in Toronto can guide you through this stressful and overwhelming time. Contact us today at 416 622-4357 for a free consultation.

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What is a Traumatic Brain Injury?


TBI or Traumatic Brain Injury is a kind of Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) that occurs after birth when physical trauma disrupts the brain’s normal function. An In-Born Brain Injury occurs when brain damage develops before birth. Fortunately, regardless of whether the TBI was acquired or inborn, the law allows persons who have experienced a TBI as a result of another person’s negligence, misconduct, or inaction to seek compensation for their losses and injuries.

The Leading Causes of Traumatic Brain Injury


On the road, dozens of TBIs happen every year, having left millions of people with permanent disabilities that affect their ability to move, remember, and speak. TBIs are frequently misunderstood to only occur when a person loses consciousness following a direct impact to the head (one that occurs in a car accident).

A TBI, on the other hand, can develop when the brain is violently shaken in one or more directions following impact or fast deceleration. When this occurs, the brain’s delicate tissue strikes the interior of the skull and is destroyed. This type of injury frequently occurs without the loss of consciousness.

TBI is frequently caused by severe whiplash. TBI can also be caused by the following factors:










Our lawyers understand the complexities of a TBI diagnosis and will factor in your long-term quality of life when representing you. We will ensure that negligent parties are held accountable and that you are compensated fairly and in full.

Head and Brain Injury: Severity

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When a severe brain injury, such as a TBI, goes misdiagnosed and untreated, it has the potential to produce life-altering, long-lasting injuries. Whether it is initially modest or severe, a brain injury should be promptly detected and treated.

Minor Head Injury

When impacted, the area between the scalp and skull holds numerous blood veins that can cause significant bruising or bumps. The most common treatment for these injuries is an ice pack; however, it is always recommended to seek medical attention if the head is impacted.


The two most common causes of concussions are being struck on the head and having the brain and skull shake back and forth fast. They can arise even after a mild head injury and can be difficult to diagnose in the absence of unconsciousness. Although concussions are typically not life-threatening, they can cause severe symptoms. They must always be approached with caution and given appropriate medical attention.

Secondary Impact Syndrome

This rare condition happens when a person experiences post-concussion symptoms following a head injury and then endures a second injury that causes brain swelling and, in many cases, death.

Traumatic Brain Injuries

Traumatic brain injuries happen when there is a sudden impact or force that hits the head. They are called “open” or “closed” based on what kind of injury. A skull fracture caused by a fall, collision, or other incidents in which the head makes a violent impact with a hard object constitutes an open injury. Although there may not be a cut or break in a closed head injury, it can be just as bad because the brain can swell and blood can clot in the skull. Even in the absence of symptoms, brain damage can be intense or fatal, regardless of the type of injury.

Brain Injury Symptoms

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Common Symptoms

Symptoms of traumatic brain damage vary from person to person and can worsen with time. Finding these signs at the earliest is important to prevent more harm. Unfortunately, signs are not easy to identify; even medical checks given by experts aren’t flawless. It’s very uncommon for early features of a TBI to be missed when they are not yet fully formed. The need to properly watch for signs of a TBI after an accident grows as a result of this.

TBI signs and effects may include:

  • Change in temperament or personality
  • Coordination problems
  • Depression
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Dizziness
  • Light sensitivity
  • Memory loss
  • Nausea
  • Persistent headache
  • Seizures
  • Vision problems

Long-Term Effects

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Traumatic brain injuries affect more than just the capacity to lead a regular daily life. The medical costs associated with treating a TBI sufferer can be enormous, draining the resources of already-struggling families. The victim’s quality of life might be severely impacted by long-term physical and mental problems or changes. He or she could be unable to work or function regularly.

Included among the signs and long-term repercussions of mild traumatic brain damage are the following:

Cognitive Defects 

Coma decreased attention span, short- or long-term memory loss, problem-solving and judgment impairments, and loss of perception of place and time.

Motor Sensory Complications 

Weakness, complete or partial paralysis, spasticity, poor balance and coordination, reduced endurance, tremors, seizures, and swallowing difficulties.

Perceptual and Sensory Defects 

Change or alteration loss of feelings, tastes, hearing, touch, odour, and vision issues.

Behavioural/Psychological Effects

Agitation, Anxiety, Mood swings, and depression

Language and Communication Issues

Problems with Speaking, Writing, Reading, Planning, Communicating or Identifying Objects

Functional Complications 

Struggle with daily routines such as bathing and dressing, or organizational difficulties

Social and Psychiatric Changes

Challenges in the ability to understand or interact in social settings, impatience, decreased motivation, depression, irritability, and anxiety.

Traumatic Epilepsy 

Between 2% and 5% of people who have an ABI have traumatic epilepsy.

Loss of life

After the brain injury victim has been treated, contact our law firm’s brain injury lawyers and speak with experienced lawyers specializing in traumatic head injury. The results of the medical evaluation can be used to determine the victim’s potential compensation from the responsible parties. The earlier symptoms are recognized, the sooner your doctors and traumatic brain injury lawyer can start giving you the appropriate medical attention and compensation. Call Zayouna at 416 622-4357 for a personal case review.

The treatment for Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI)

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If you believe that a person has had a brain injury of any kind, you should:

  • Sit the victim down to ensure stability and safety.
  • If a scalp wound is evident, use a bandage and gentle pressure.
  • Provide the person with something cold to apply to the wound.
  • Check the victim’s awareness, coherence, and responsiveness with care. Consider vertigo or nausea, memory loss, headaches, and confusion.
  • Get emergency medical help if symptoms worsen, including increased tiredness, confusion, headaches, nausea, double vision, and trouble walking or speaking.
  • Seek emergency care immediately if the person is unconscious or losing responsiveness, oozing blood or watery fluid from the nose or ears, or has unequal pupil size.

If you think the person is paralyzed, not responding, or hurt in the neck, you shouldn’t move them because it could make their condition worse. Call the emergency services immediately.


After a TBI injury diagnosed , multidisciplinary therapy and care will always yield the best potential outcome. But treatment is often expensive, which puts a financial strain on the person who gets sick and their family. Remember that filing a lawsuit for your traumatic brain injury can help you pay for your medical bills while you recover.


Physical care: includes dietary and pharmaceutical requirements

Pain management: the use of drugs and other techniques to alleviate suffering.

Psychological care: entails the administration of numerous tests to identify behavioural and/or emotional issues, as well as the provision of any necessary counselling.

Self-care abilities: include bathing, grooming, and feeding oneself.

Communication skills: consist of speech treatment and alternate forms of communication.

Mobility skills: may include the usage of a wheelchair or a walking aid

Socialization skills: focuses on interactions within the family and community

Cognitive skills: to improve memory, problem-solving, and other cognitive functioning areas impaired by the injury.

A vocational skill requires training in a field of employment.

Support for the family; This includes educating and preparing them for the many difficulties that come with having a brain injury.

Filing a Lawsuit for Traumatic Brain Injury

Lawsuit For Traumatic Brain Injurys - Zayouna Law Firm

After sustaining a traumatic brain injury, filing a lawsuit for damages is the best method to ensure you receive the best medical care without fully draining your financial resources.

You can get help from a knowledgeable attorney for traumatic brain injuries to get reimbursement for current and future costs like:

  • All medical expenses (hospital bills for surgery, ambulance etc.)
  • Diminished earning capacity
  • Lost income
  • Pain and suffering
  • Property damage
  • Rehabilitation expenses

The consequences of a traumatic brain injury can indeed be devastating, but we will fight to guarantee that you and your family have the best possible future. Call our Toronto office at 416 622-4357 for a free consultation today.

Zayouna: Brain Injury Lawyer Toronto

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Zayouna helps people who have been severely injured because of an accident or a doctor’s mistake. Our personal injury lawyers have extensive experience and knowledge in brain injury litigation and are extremely sensitive to the requirements of brain injury sufferers and their families. We work closely with all parties to provide the most effective and compassionate legal representation possible.

We are aware of the difficulties you may be facing if you or a dear one has experienced significant brain injury. In the same way that certain injuries require medical specialists, a traumatic brain injury lawyer with experience successfully defending victims of brain injuries can dramatically improve your prospects for recovery from a TBI.

Zayouna Law Firm recognizes that a TBI can result in significant emotional, physical, and financial distress. If you or a loved one has suffered a brain injury, our attorneys will fight for you to get the compensation you need for ongoing medical expenses, counselling, and emotional distress. If your claim is compensable, you and your loved ones may gain significant financial security as a result. For a free consultation to explore your potential case, call us at (416) 622-4357 or use the contact form.

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