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Construction Lawyer Toronto

Zayouna’s construction lawyers have the local experience, regional strength and national reputation for guiding your business through every step of a project – from conception to operation and maintenance. Our construction lawyers handle complex and specialized construction transactions and claims across Toronto.

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What is construction law?

Construction law relates to the rules, regulations and laws that regulate the planning and construction of buildings and structures. Various disputes and issues relating to construction can arise under federal, state or local laws.

Zayouna has handled a wide range of construction-related cases, many of which entailed complex delay issues with a large number of defendants and construction defects. Our construction lawyer represents clients in both transactions and disputes ranging from single- and multi-family homes to large commercial buildings, planned complexes, industrial, retail, and governmental projects.

Our services for clients in every industry and field extend to and beyond the following areas: personal property, real estate property, contracts, commercial and banking transactions, insurance, finance, environmental concerns, employment, labour, industrial and occupational hazards, and personal injuries and governmental relations.

Construction Liens, Construction Contracts & Construction Litigation

Zayouna provides a full range of construction law services to contractors, owners, engineers and construction managers in construction projects located in Toronto, including the following:

Construction Liens Toronto

construction disputes toronto


  • Registering builders liens
  • Removing builder’s liens pursuant to the builder’s lien act
  • Handling notices to commence an action
  • Certificates of pending litigation
  • Recovering money owed pursuant to a lien
  • Getting funds paid into court

Construction Contract Services Toronto

construction disputes construction project


  • Construction contracts for contractors
  • Construction contracts for owners
  • Construction contracts for engineers
  • Construction contracts for construction managers
  • Using and modifying the set of contracts

Construction Dispute Resolution Services Toronto

construction lien act


  • Using mediation and arbitration to address disputes
  • Managing legal hurdles in construction projects
  • Recovering unpaid claims for contractors
  • Litigating construction issues
  • Terminating contracts with delinquent contractors and builders
  • Securing settlements for both contractors and owners

At Zayouna, we believe in anticipating and tackling critical issues early before they become problems. Our construction lawyers handle all aspects of residential, commercial, and public construction contract drafting and negotiation. We focus not only on the legal issues involved but also on the practical day-to-day operations of our client’s business. Zayouna seeks to adapt legal documentation to enhance sound business practices, serve our clients’ specific needs, and provide contractual systems for addressing issues efficiently and effectively.

Our expert legal counsel spends a significant amount of time in arbitrations and courtrooms, but we also support and show up for our clients on-site. We review plans and schedules, assist them with projects, and help prevent potential issues and disputes.

If you have a construction-related legal issue, you need an expert construction lawyer who understands your business and industry. Contact Zayouna law firm at 416 622-4357 today.

The Role of a Construction Lawyer

Role Of A Construction Lawyer - Zayouna Law Firm


Construction lawyers counsel and advise clients on legal issues relating to buildings and construction projects. They provide guidance to companies at all stages of the contractual process. Property owners, developers, renters, project managers, trade contractors, suppliers, and consultants are just a few of the individuals they serve. These lawyers are construction contract experts who can assist any party to a construction contract with problems, including delays, variants, and flaws.

Because construction companies are often not single proprietorships and might include numerous parties at the same time, construction lawyers are essential to the industry. Construction disputes may be more sophisticated than other legal situations, making construction attorneys very beneficial to their clients.

Construction lawyers also represent their clients in court, where they file pleadings, answer inquiries, and reply to complaints. In addition, these lawyers create and submit replies to interrogatories and document requests. While prosecuting or defending a client, lawyers may study papers such as contracts, floor plans, inspection reports, and blueprints and utilize them as evidence in court.

Lawyers in this sector may also be called upon to handle more serious matters such as wrongful death lawsuits and workplace accidents. As a result of these mishaps, they may be forced to submit compensation claims and civil lawsuits on behalf of their customers. They often communicate with the worker’s insurance and represent employees to assess damages and liability. If the lawyer is unable to secure an out-of-court settlement with the employer, they often will go to court to seek a legal remedy.

Construction Lawyer - Zayouna Law Firm


Lawyers provide legal guidance on general construction difficulties, property line disputes, project bidding, and other issues, in addition to suing on behalf of their clients. Firms may also use the services of a construction lawyer for assistance in creating legal papers such as acquisition agreements or liquidation agreements.

Mould litigation has been increasingly handled by lawyers with construction law competence in recent years. Mould is a deadly tiny fungus that may grow almost anywhere, particularly in wet areas. Mould may create health concerns if it remains unreported or if the property owner fails to test for and remove it. As a consequence, a mould lawsuit is filed, and compensation is sought, which may be in the hundreds of dollars.

Want to speak with a construction lawyer. Make an appointment today at 416 622-4357.

Challenges to Construction Law

Financial issues are among the most prominent forms of legal challenges that might arise during a building project. Due to unplanned labour or higher material expenses, several construction projects run over budget. On the other hand, some consumers refuse to pay for a final product that falls short of their expectations.

When these legal concerns occur, construction businesses and contractors have a number of legal choices, ranging from suing for breach of contract to filing a lien on the completed work. Many contractors seek legal counsel as soon as they become aware of a potential financial issue in order to safeguard their whole legal rights.

canadian construction documents committee


In construction law, government contracts play a significant role. Contractors must pay great attention to the task specifications when bidding on government construction projects to guarantee that they will be able to meet any extra requirements. Because government contract law is continuously evolving, many contractors bidding on government work may need legal advice sooner than they would imagine.

If you have construction disputes, construction claims or construction contract issues, call a Zayouna law firm construction lawyer right now to explore your legal options and safeguard your legal rights.

Practice Areas

Our knowledge of both the construction site and the courtroom allows us to provide our clients with informed choices. We are well-positioned to foresee trends in the construction industry and resolve the challenges before they present. From establishing risk avoidance techniques and pre-litigation strategies to aggressive alternative litigation and dispute resolution, Zayouna law firm construction lawyers represent clients through the final resolution of each matter.

Zayouna construction litigation expertise covers a range of issues, including:

Construction Law

Construction Disputes

Construction Financing

Construction Liens

Construction Litigation

Contract Drafting

Contract Law

Construction Contracts

Construction Agreements

Public-Private Partnership Contracts

Employment Law

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Contract Negotiation

Trust Claims

Delay Claims

EPC Contracts

Planning and approvals

Worker’s compensation

Property Law

Dispute resolution

Defective design (architectural & engineering)

Construction Management Contract & More

When facing complicated construction litigation matters, you need a legal representation that not only commands the courts but one that has a thorough grasp of the laws and regulations governing the construction industry. With locations throughout Canada, Zayouna construction litigators have successfully defended and prosecuted difficult construction disputes in state and federal courts across the nation, saving our clients millions of dollars in damages. We tailor plans to successfully defend our customers’ interests based on a deep understanding of their company operations and goals.

Our team represents private and public owners, general contractors, subcontractors, suppliers, lenders, developers, construction managers, and design experts before courts, juries, and industry arbitration panels in a wide variety of construction projects, including:

  • Bridges
  • Casinos
  • Highways
  • Hotels
  • Roads
  • Tunnels
  • Commercial
  • Educational
  • Health Care
  • Manufacturing
  • Residential
  • Retail

Why Zayouna Law Firm?

At Zayouna Law Firm, we understand how important it is to have an expert legal counsel on your side when it comes to difficult legal matters. We endeavour to protect your interests and rights throughout every step of the legal process. Our team consists of highly respected and experienced construction lawyers focused on achieving favourable outcomes for our clients. Whether it is a strong legal opponent or a high-stakes deal, Zayouna Law Firm will be there for its clients.

We believe that successful legal representation requires a thorough knowledge of the law and a detailed understanding of our clients’ industries. Zayouna has served the construction industry for decades, gaining a full grasp of our clients’ many businesses and legal challenges. Our deep bench of construction lawyers is sophisticated, diverse, accessible, and diverse, with a successful track record in the courtroom and before arbitration panels and state administrative agencies. We work closely with our clients during all phases of the construction process to ensure that their goals and objectives are successfully met.

Zayouna Construction lawyers focus on getting results for our clients. We are practical lawyers and are not particularly concerned with setting precedent or hashing out novel legal issues. Instead, we aim to work quickly and efficiently so that our clients can do business.

Zayouna litigators are comfortable with conflict and not afraid of confrontation when trying to resolve conflicts. Our construction lawyers with extensive experience are confident in court, diversely skilled, and focus on helping their clients solve challenges and conduct business.

Have a construction dispute? Call Zayouna Law Firm today at 416 622-4357.

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