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What is SISIP disability law?

The Service Income Security Insurance Plan (SISIP) is designed to help military service members and veterans struggling with long-term disabilities. But despite everything you survived in the line of fire, your disability benefits claim might still be denied.

At Zayouna Law Firm, we value and honour the sacrifices of our Canadian Armed Forces. We are here to help ease your transition back to civilian life and improved quality of life. Our lawyers will help you fight a denied SISP long-term disability claim, and ensure your service is recognized and honoured as you deserve.

Why You Need a SISIP Disability Lawyer

For many armed forces members, the atrocities of war do not end upon returning home. These endure, from physical impairment to mental health struggles, ultimately impacting your ability to return to everyday life. SISIP long-term disability is supposed to help — but it does not always.

What is SISIP long-term disability insurance?

The Service Income Security Insurance Plan (SISIP) Financial Services is a program that provides active and former Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) members with different insurance products and financial services.

Its primary component is SISIP long-term disability, a group insurance plan for CAF personnel that provides income replacement. This benefit is crucial for military personnel injured in the line of fire and, as a result, have become disabled and unable to return to their occupation. CAF members are eligible for SISIP whether they departed voluntarily or were released from active duty for medical reasons.

Denied SISIP Claims

Was your SISIP long-term disability claim denied? Our armed forces members put their lives on the line every day to keep our country safe. At Zayouna Law Firm, we believe that you should be entitled to secure your well-being and support your transition to civilian life. 

A SISIP long-term disability lawsuit allows you to recover declined or terminated long-term benefits, which you are entitled to under the law. We also provide legal counsel to examine the full impact of a denied claim on your physical and mental health, quality of life, and income. With a successful claim, we can recover your rightful long-term disability benefits, and compensation for the added harm, pain, and suffering you endured.

Who can file a SISIP disability lawsuit?

Eligibility for SISIP Long-Term Disability

Under SISIP, Canadian military personnel are eligible for benefits, including income replacement. These include the Regular Force, Reserve Force on Class C service, and Primary Reserve Force on Class A and B service.

SISIP disability benefits provide 75% of your salary, with the exact amount determined by whether you are Regular or Reserve Force. Generally, the minimum salary that benefit amounts are based on is equivalent to that of the Corporal Basic rank.

Impact of PTSD Disability

With only 75% of your salary paid out in disability benefits, the amount may not be enough to sustain your quality of life. It’s impossible to put a price on trauma, which has become an occupational hazard for soldiers.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is considered an operational stress injury, for which military personnel are at higher risk of suffering. Exposure to violence, suffering extreme danger and injuries, and witnessing the loss of life — can all trigger nightmares, flashbacks, anxiety, difficulty sleeping and concentrating.

For many, mental and emotional stress can make it impossible to work in any capacity. PTSD is a long-term disability; however, insurance providers require extensive documentation of your inability to work in any capacity, often dispute this, leading to a denied claim. Seeking legal action with a SISIP lawyer allows you to recover your rightful disability benefits for income replacement and access crucial mental health resources to restore your quality of life.

Our SISIP Disability Claims Process

At Zayouna Law Firm, we honour the service of our Canadian Armed Forces members. Our lawyers are dedicated to supporting you in your transition to civilian life, with the SISIP disability benefits you are entitled to. Our mission is a true heroes’ welcome — for all your sacrifices and hard work to keep our country safe.

  1. Consultation: We offer a free consultation to discuss your SISIP disability claim, and advise you of your legal options to claim denied or terminated benefits.
  1. File a SISIP disability lawsuit: We will represent you in court, present exhaustive evidence of your PTSD and/or physical disability, and establish the need for income replacement benefits after the injuries and trauma you survived.
  1. Resolution: Our goal is your best outcome — access to SISIP disability benefits, crucial mental health and healthcare resources, and improved quality of life. Outside the courtroom, we also connect you with rehabilitation experts to aid in your recovery. Our fees are contingent, meaning we only charge when we win.

We Are Your SISIP Disability Lawyers

Zayouna Law Firm is dedicated to supporting our troops the best way we know how — successful disability claims, and support throughout your recovery and return to civilian life. We bring our vast legal expertise in disability law to advocate for your best outcome, and fight for the disability benefits you deserve.

  • Results: Your success is ours. Our SISIP lawyers have represented and successfully claimed disability benefits for many CAF members. We work with medical and mental health professionals, occupational industry experts, and financial experts to prove your disability and fight for your benefits.
  • Relationships: We are members of the Ontario Trial Lawyers Association and the Ontario Bar Association. But more than these esteemed professional affiliations, we value relationships with our clients the most. Our commitment is constant communication and your full participation in the legal process.
  • Recovery: Zayouna Law Firm works for you — your disability benefits, quality of life, and best possible outcome. We care about your complete recovery: physical, mental and emotional, and financial, ensuring you are fully supported in your transition back to civilian life.

SISIP Disability Law FAQs

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is an anxiety disorder that can develop after experiencing, witnessing, or repeatedly being exposed to major trauma. 

It can happen after experiencing a threat to your life or extreme danger, such as an accident, fire or a crime, as well as witnessing these events and suffering from workplace harassment and/or stress.

PTSD is also considered an operational stress injury. Certain professions have a higher risk of developing PTSD, such as law enforcement, emergency responders, firefighters, and military service members. These occupations involve constant exposure to dangerous situations and potentially traumatic events.

Yes — insurance companies typically allow up to 3 rounds of appeals through their internal appeals process. However, you may exhaust all of these appeals and still fail to have your disability benefits granted or reinstated.

This is why it is in your best interest to speak with an experienced PTSD disability lawyer as soon as you receive a denial letter, or even as early as submitting your benefits claim. A lawyer can help interpret the terms of your insurance policy and the reasons for denial, and advise you of your legal options to seek the benefits you are entitled to.

Insurers cite several reasons for denying PTSD disability claims — even those that appear valid. Common reasons for denied or terminated benefits are:

  • Lacking, absent, and/or late medical documentation
  • Your insurer believes you are not receiving appropriate treatment, or are not being treated by the appropriate specialist
  • Your insurer deems you can resume working while receiving treatment due to a perceived lack of medical restrictions or limitations
  • You are outside of the “maximum recovery guidelines”
  • You have a pre-existing medical condition
  • Your insurer believes that you can work in a sedentary position, or in a different occupation
  • You did not participate in a rehabilitation or gradual return-to-work program.

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