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Employment lawyers at Zayouna Law Firm help clients with a wide range of employment-related conflicts and issues, including payment disputes, discrimination, wrongful termination, and sexual harassment claims. Our law firm treats each case as if it were our own and every client is our top priority. Our Toronto employment lawyers recognize that each circumstance is unique and that each client needs specialized, one-on-one attention and legal assistance. We definitely assure the guidance of an expert team of employment lawyers, Toronto. Our practice is built on the foundation of swift action, and our lawyers are relentless in our pursuit of victory.

We are one of the most reliable labour law firms Toronto has ever seen and has great expertise in employment law.

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Contact our employment lawyer in Toronto by phone at 416 622-4357 or online to request an employment lawyer free consultation or private case review if you are involved in an employment dispute. An employment lawyer can guide you through various procedures to resolve employment-related issues. 

Table of contents

  1. What Are Your Basic Rights As An Employee In Canada?
  2. Toronto Employment Lawyers: Types Of Cases
  3. Zayouna: The Renowned Employment Law Firm, Toronto
  4. Employment Law FAQs

What are your basic rights as an employee in Canada?


Every individual in Canada has rights as an employee. Occupational health, workspace law and safety legislation provide all workers with three fundamental rights. It guarantees that they have the necessary information on workplace safety and the freedom to engage in health and safety activities in their workplace. These rights include:

The Right to Know

Employees have to be aware of the risks and hazards connected with people, materials, equipment, the environment, and processes at their job and workplace.

The Right to Participate:

Employees are entitled to ask questions about the risk to their own or a coworker’s health. They can also inform their supervisor or employer about harmful working conditions.

The Right to Refuse Unsafe Work:

As per employment law Toronto employees have the freedom to refuse work that they think puts them or a coworker at risk.


If you think you were denied these rights at work, please do not hesitate to reach out to  a workplace lawyer or a labour lawyer, Toronto, at Zayouna Law Firm. We are the best employment lawyers, Toronto and we are here to support you in getting the result you deserve. Contact us at our Toronto employment law firm today to discuss your case with one of our knowledgeable labour lawyers.

We Fight for Your Rights: The Best Employment Lawyer Toronto

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Toronto Employment Lawyers Consultation: Types of Cases

Wrongful Dismissal


Wrongful dismissal is a term that is widely used, but it differs from case to case. You may tell your relatives and friends how your company made a mistake by firing you but keeping others, despite the fact that you were the best employee they had. You may even claim that someone falsely accused you of something and that it was entirely unjust. Maybe your supervisor has always disliked you and has “had it out for you.” There might have been a number of reasons why you were dismissed that you should not have been. There’s no denying that your dismissal was WRONG!

 It is always advised to consult an employee rights lawyer if you experienced a wrongful dismissal. You can make use of wrongful dismissal, Ontario free consultation at Zayouna Law Firm to clarify your concerns regarding this. We have the most experienced labour lawyers to help you out. A thorough understanding of Toronto employment law can be obtained under the guidance of wrongful dismissal lawyers. Apart from this, we offer constructive dismissal lawyer consultation for free. 

However, wrongful dismissal claims have an entirely different meaning in the legal world than the examples above. However, most legal issues occur only if your employer demotes or fires you for one of the following reasons:

Contact us today for dismissal lawyers consultation, free appointments and filing a case.


Employers cannot dismiss employees because of their race, colour, age, national origin, sex, religion, marital status, disability, pregnancy status, gender identity, sexual orientation, or any other protected class.


Your company cannot fire you for filing a harassment or discrimination complaint, refusing to participate in harassment, or any other retaliatory reason, including threatening to sue them.

Whistleblower Claims

Firing an employee in retaliation for filing a whistleblower claim is considered illegal termination.

Workers’ Compensation

It is against labour and employment law to fire an employee for filing a workers’ compensation claim.

Family and Medical Leave

A worker’s employment cannot be dismissed because they ask for or take a qualified leave of absence.

Unpaid Overtime Wages

An employer cannot dismiss an employee for complaining about illegal pay practices, such as unpaid overtime wages.

Sexual Harassment


Every employee at any level in any business, regardless of sexual orientation, gender, or type of employment, has the right to be free of sexual harassment and discrimination. News headlines and social media have verified what most of us know for years: sex-based discrimination and harassment are prevalent, yet victims are fearful of losing their jobs, wages, and careers if they come forward to report illegal behaviour.

Sexual harassment may manifest in a variety of forms, including the following sorts of behaviour:

  • Sexual assault
  • Sexual approaches that aren’t welcome
  • Unlawful touching/groping
  • Sexist words, language, or behaviour
  • Requests for sexual favours or sexual conduct
  • Sexual coercion or intimidation
  • Offensive objects, jokes, slurs, or pictures
  • Any sexually explicit physical or verbal behaviour that has a negative impact on a worker’s employment.

Retaliation:  Companies are prohibited from retaliating against an employee who discloses or refuses to participate in sexual harassment. The following are examples of illegal retaliation:

  • Termination
  • Demotion
  • Suspension
  • Leave denial
  • Salary reduction
  • or any other action that would discourage an employee from reporting sexual harassment.

In these cases, damages may include compensation for:

  • Wages and benefits that have been lost.
  • Earning potential has been lost.
  • Lost job opportunity
  • Emotional distress
  • Medical expenses

The damages might be significant depending on the victim’s position within the employer’s business, making it even more important to seek expert legal representation and employment law services.

Have you experienced unjust retaliation as a result of reporting sexual harassment at work? Have you ever come across workplace sexual harassment? Do you fear going to work because your boss or coworkers constantly harass you?

If you have been harassed or if you’ve been fired for complaining about it, there are laws that may be able to help you reclaim your career. You can contact our Toronto labour lawyer right away. We’ve assisted many employees before you, many of whom had previously been demoted, punished, or dismissed by their employers.


The sexual harassment lawyers at Zayouna Law Firm use a mix of compassion, sensitivity, and vigorous representation to assist clients in uncovering workplace sexual misbehaviour and receiving compensation for the mental, financial, and sometimes bodily harm they’ve endured. Please feel free to contact Zayouna Law Firm, the top employment lawyer, Toronto, via phone or email to start the process. You’re fighting for justice. You’ll need someone to back you up.

Workplace Discrimination

Workplace discrimination is endemic in our society. Employment discrimination – including age discrimination, gender discrimination, racial discrimination, and national origin discrimination – is prohibited by Canadian employment law.


Workplace discrimination occurs when companies discriminate against workers based on their unique features, traits, or beliefs. While employment discrimination can take many forms – some more obvious than others – the most prevalent is discrimination based on:

Age – It is prohibited to treat workers differently, refuses to recruit candidates, or deny particular employees benefits or promotions based on their age.

Disability – Employers in Toronto are forbidden from discriminating against employees who have physical or mental impairments, regardless of whether these impairments are temporary or permanent. Furthermore, the legislation mandates companies to make reasonable accommodations for handicapped employees. It is also criminal to fail to make such reasonable accommodations.

Gender – The law protects employees against gender discrimination, which means that businesses cannot treat employees differently or unfairly depending on their gender.

Pregnancy – Employers are not legally permitted to terminate, demote, or lay off employees just because they are pregnant. Moreover, the legislation forbids companies from discriminating against employees who have just given birth (or are just back from their maternity leave).

Medical Leave – According to employment law, it is illegal for companies to punish employees who take medical leave. This implies employers cannot lawfully terminate, demote, or treat employees differently because they use their rights.

Race or Colour – Discriminating against employees based on their racial heritage, ethnicity, or skin colour is another kind of workplace discrimination. Unfavourable treatment based on race-related traits or characteristics (such as facial features or hair texture) or based on a worker being married to (or in a relationship with) somebody of a different race is also considered racial discrimination.

Religion – Employers are forbidden from discriminating against employees based on their religious views and their ethical and moral values. The employment law also makes it illegal for companies to separate employees based on their religion or refuse reasonable accommodations to exercise their faith (for example a day off for religious observance).

When work-related discrimination happens, a lawyer may be invaluable in understanding the rules and taking the appropriate procedures to defend and protect your legal rights. If you believe you have been the victim of workplace discrimination, it is time to contact Zayouna Law Firm online or at 416 622-4357 for a consultation. We can ensure you have the guidance of an employment lawyer, Ontario.

Severance Package Agreement

A severance package is a contract between an employee (the releasor) and an employer (the releasee) that specifies the amount of money and benefits employees will receive if fired or treated unfairly. A severance package usually includes:

  • Increased base salary.
  • Money for unused vacation time.
  • The transfer of earned benefits that you may not have used at the time of termination.

A severance agreement is a contract that is signed voluntarily. Employers are not required to provide them, and employees are not required to sign them. Thereby, both the employer and the employee will gain from a severance agreement. But if you sign the severance package agreement and agree to adhere to the workplace policies, you give up your right to sue your company for any misconduct.


Your company is not obligated to provide you with any severance packages. Furthermore, the terms of a severance agreement are not governed by the law. As a result, your employer will try to safeguard your interests. It would help if you had a lawyer who would represent your interests. Your severance pay lawyer may analyze the agreement to ensure you get fair compensation for your years of service.

Your lawyer can also help you get the time to analyze the contract and ensure that your employer is respecting your rights. You can also highlight concerns like discrimination, a hostile work environment, or sexual harassment that led to a severance arrangement.

Your severance agreement lawyer can help you decide whether or not to sign the contract. If they advise you not to sign the contract, they can assist you in negotiating adjustments or file a claim for any infringement of your employment rights.

Did your former employer offer you a severance package when you left? Please call us at 416 622-4357 or send us an email if you have any questions about your severance pay.

Zayouna: The Renowned Employment Law Firm, Toronto


Zaylaw is a law firm that is well experienced in employment law and disputes, and our clients can gain from our extensive knowledge in this field to maintain their employment standards. Since we work with both employers and employees, our lawyers have a unique perspective on what the opposing side will say. We will use tried and tested techniques when defending you. We have successfully represented individuals, small company owners, and major corporations in courts throughout Toronto. Our employment lawyers work to resolve disputes promptly and to achieve every client’s goals.

Once you’ve hired us to defend you, we’ll work systematically to prepare your case and undertake any legal research or other investigations required to assist you in achieving your goals. From our initial consultation, we incorporate research into our strategy, hence our skilled employment lawyers can foresee any potential legal issues that may develop and help us prepare to respond accordingly.


As Toronto’s best employment lawyers, we believe that knowledge is power. Our lawyers provide excellent communication to their clients during each employment lawyer consultation session. They give you that power and work hard to keep you updated at every step. You can also avail of employment lawyer Toronto free consultation.

Browse our practice areas to discover more about how our entire team of employment lawyers may assist you, or call 416 622-4357 to set up Ontario employment lawyer free consultation today.

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Employment Law FAQs

If you work in Toronto, you are probably aware that you have certain rights. However, not all are aware of the full scope of their legal rights. At Zaylaw, we think that the more knowledgeable you are about your rights, the more equipped you will be to take action when those rights are violated or any disciplinary matters occur. We have a team of top employment lawyers Toronto to help you. 

Browse our employment law FAQs to get answers to frequently asked employment law issues, or contact our firm to request a free case review with employment lawyers Toronto at Zaylaw. Our lawyers are happy to discuss the details of your case with you and assist you in developing a customized legal strategy. We look forward to hearing from you.

We are no-win, no-pay employment lawyers,  Toronto and we ensure that everyone, regardless of their financial background, should have access to justice.

Contact our office for an online employment lawyer free consultation or call 416 622-4357 to request a case evaluation today.

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