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Chronic Pain

What is chronic pain litigation?

Suffering from an illness, disability, or accident can leave more than just visible scars. Even after being discharged and having undergone rehabilitation, lasting effects like chronic pain can make a full physical and psychological recovery feel impossible.

You deserve to live comfortably — free of chronic pain and other ailments that keep you from living to the fullest. But despite its debilitating effects, many insurance companies are hesitant to grant claims for chronic pain, making recovery even more difficult due to its “invisible” nature. 

Zayouna Law Firm is dedicated to your recovery and healing. We represent you in a chronic pain claim or lawsuit, allowing you to take action against your insurance provider. With a successful claim, we can help you recover rightful, overdue benefits and damages for your suffering — and offer a semblance of relief and comfort.

Why You Need to File a Chronic Pain Claim

Chronic pain is traumatic. It often has a profound psychological effect, causing depression due to a lack of relief even from countless medications and long-term rehabilitation. It can also affect your productivity and make it difficult to work. No one deserves to suffer from intractable pain and its consequences.

Disability insurance benefits are thought to address your inability to work and earn a living, as well as ongoing access to treatment, rehabilitation, and medication. But proving chronic pain and claiming rightful benefits can be a long, tedious, and unsuccessful process.

Experienced personal injury lawyers like Zayouna Law Firm can help you claim damages for chronic pain. These damages address short- and long-term disability claims for benefits you should have been entitled to, but denied by insurance providers. Filing a chronic pain claim allows you to fight your insurer’s decision and restore your quality of life. For many, this paves the path to comfort and relief.

Who can file a chronic pain claim?

The road to recovery after an accident or severe illness is long and hard. It can feel impossible despite multiple surgeries, physical therapy sessions, and prescriptions. You may not feel truly healed because of persisting ailments.

Common Chronic Pain Claims

Are you suffering from chronic pain? A condition is deemed chronic when it persists for more than 6 months or well beyond the normal healing type. This is an “invisible” disability — it interferes with your normal routine, productivity, and quality of life. Chronic pain includes:

  • Arthritis
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Lupus
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Myofascial pain syndrome
  • Chronic fatigue syndrome, and more.

Chronic conditions also include the impact on functional abilities, such as sleep, concentration, memory, and mobility caused by headaches, stiffness, fatigue, and mood changes. The stress of living with these often drives many people to prolonged trauma and depression, which worsens when they cannot work, socialize, and live normally.

Legal Compensation for Chronic Pain

A chronic pain claim allows you to recover disability benefits denied by your insurance provider. In cases where insurers pay out benefits, they may do so only after severe delays, and at reduced or partial amounts. 

Benefits delayed and reduced may as well have been denied because of the added hardship they cause. Filing a chronic pain suit can help you recover compensation for these delayed or denied benefits, ongoing treatments, and lost wages or reduced income capacity to restore your quality of life.

Our Process for Claiming Chronic Pain Damages

You deserve relief from chronic pain — years of trauma, disruption, and even productivity and financial impact. Zayouna Law Firm is here to help you rebuild and recover, setting you on the path to physical and emotional healing and financial security after years of suffering. See how we advocate for your benefits, damages, and well-being:

  1. Consultation: Book your free consultation with our personal injury lawyers. Tell us about any chronic pain you have been experiencing, when it first started, such as after an accident or illness, and if you have been denied disability benefits. Our lawyers will advise if you have a viable chronic pain legal claim and the benefits and damages you may be entitled to.
  1. File your chronic pain claim: We will commence your legal claim and represent you in all court proceedings and settlement negotiations. Our team of lawyers and clerks will build your claim for disability benefits and damages using complete insurance documentation, medical expert testimony, and proof of the long-term emotional and financial impacts of your condition.
  1. Resolution: At Zayouna Law Firm, we aim to deliver the best outcome for your chronic pain claim — your rightful disability benefits and damages for denied and delayed claims. Our goal is to help restore your quality of life by advocating for your emotional and financial well-being in the face of disruptions caused by a chronic condition. With our contingent fee schedule, we do not charge if we cannot recover damages from your claim.

Your Chronic Pain Lawyer and Advocate

Zayouna Law Firm takes pride in being our clients’ strongest, biggest advocate. Our team of lawyers, clerks, and legal experts are well-versed in the statutes, precedents, and nuances of chronic pain claims. We advocate for you in and outside of the courtroom to aid your recovery and healing.

  • Results: Zayouna Law Firm has obtained many successful chronic pain claims and other personal injury lawsuits. You can trust in our legal expertise from your initial consultation to court proceedings and settlement negotiations. Always, our goal is to deliver the best outcome — substantial compensation for your chronic condition.
  • Relationships: Our lawyers are esteemed members of the Ontario Trial Lawyers Association and the Ontario Bar Association. But more than these professional affiliations, we are active community members who genuinely advocate for each of our clients. We take a personalized approach to every case and ensure constant communication, full participation, and comfort in the legal process.
  • Recovery: We believe recovery is much more than financial compensation. We aim to stay involved in your life and well-being outside the courtroom by connecting you with rehabilitation experts to assist in your recovery and return to a normal, comfortable life.

Frequently Asked Questions About Chronic Pain Lawyers

It is not uncommon for insurers to deny a short-term or long-term disability claim for chronic pain or other chronic conditions because these are often viewed as “invisible” or insufficient. You can dispute a denied claim, first by appealing to your insurer, then commencing a claim. 

Make sure to consult a personal injury lawyer specializing in chronic pain claims as soon as you receive the notice of denial to avoid lapsing the statute of limitations in Ontario.

Though insurance providers promote disability insurance products for financial protection, awarding benefits can be complicated, delayed, and reduced. Many claims are also denied due to an incomplete application, a lack of “supportive medical evidence”, a lack of evidence supporting treatment or rehabilitation, and the insurer’s inability to obtain complete documentation from your healthcare providers.

As in most personal injury claims, you can file compensation for pain and suffering, loss of income and earning potential, medical, rehabilitation, caregiver or attendant care costs, loss of enjoyment of life, and housekeeping and home maintenance costs.

A denied disability benefits claim is not the end of the road; it is well within your rights to appeal this decision and seek compensation. A lawyer specializing in chronic pain claims can help you prove the debilitating effects of your condition — despite claims otherwise by your insurance provider’s doctors or medical experts — and help you recover the benefits you should have been entitled to.

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