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Cancer and Post-Cancer Treatment

What is cancer disability law?

Cancer is one of the most devastating, life-altering illnesses affecting millions in Ontario. With the potential to affect virtually any and every part of the body, the battle against cancer is hard-fought — and for many, barely won.

A cancer diagnosis is only the beginning of a long and difficult road ahead, one that is paved with extensive treatments like chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery. It takes a toll not only on your body and mind, but also on the people who love you. During this difficult time, your focus should be on recovery and making the most of your days. Your battle should be against cancer cells, not your insurance provider. 

At Zayouna Law Firm, we understand the extreme toll cancer takes on you and your loved ones. Our lawyers are committed to helping you in your battle. We fight for your rights to long-term disability benefits — and your well-being during this harrowing battle.

Why You Need a Cancer and Post-Cancer Treatment Lawyer

A cancer diagnosis comes with severe symptoms, and an even more serious treatment plan to battle the growth of cancer cells. Life-saving treatments like chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery can be extensive and energy-consuming, so much that you may be unable to work. These effects can also be compounded by health issues you develop as a result of treatment regimes.

Denied Cancer and Post-Cancer Treatment Claims

Long-term disability insurance is designed to support you throughout your battle against cancer. It provides income replacement benefits — crucial financial relief to sustain your living expenses, and potentially access treatment-related expenses. With long-term disability benefits, you should be able to focus on life-saving treatments, rather than the financial impact of your inability to work due to cancer.

Insurance companies rarely make long-term disability benefits easily accessible. Many insurers are known to dispute and even deny valid disability claims for cancer. Even when successful, they may delay or reduce payments, or set your eligibility period for only a certain period, which may force you to return to work even when your symptoms persist.

File a Cancer and Post-Cancer Treatment Lawsuit

When you are battling cancer, the last thing you should be worried about is your ability to work and earn a living. Long-term disability insurance exists to protect you against this financial impact; but when it fails to do so, our lawyers are here to help.

Zayouna Law Firm helps you file a cancer disability lawsuit to claim your rightful income replacement benefits. We can help ensure that you remain on long-term disability, receive the full benefits you are entitled to, and not be pushed back to resume work simply because your insurer feels you are ready, even when your prognosis indicates otherwise. 

Eligibility for Cancer and Post-Cancer Treatment Lawsuit

Your battle against cancer does not end with receiving life-saving treatments. Due to the aggressive nature of chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery, you may also suffer other health complications, which can further prolong your recovery period, and prevent you from resuming work and your normal life altogether.

These realities and complications of cancer and post-cancer treatment are grounds for long-term disability, for which you should receive benefits:

  • Treatment and recovery following chemotherapy, radiation, surgery and other cancer treatment regimes
  • Treatment side effects, including weight loss, persistent fatigue, chronic pain, lymphedema, pain or numbness in radiation treatment areas, digestive issues, loss of bladder control, and more
  • Cognitive, physical, and psychological difficulties, such as difficulty with memory, anxiety and depression, and cognitive impairment
  • Persistent cancer growths and worsening prognosis.

With these persisting symptoms and complications, you should remain eligible for long-term disability benefits. If your claim has been denied, our cancer and post-cancer treatment lawyers can help you take legal action to commence or reinstate benefits, and ensure you are supported during this time. Together, we can fight your insurer’s decision, and even seek compensation for the damages you have suffered due to a denied disability claim.

Our Cancer and Post-Cancer Treatment Lawsuit Process

At Zayouna Law Firm, we understand the toll cancer takes on you and your loved ones. Our lawyers are dedicated to supporting you throughout your treatment and recovery. We advocate for your well-being, and ensure you receive the disability benefits you need. With a successful claim, you can focus on your treatment and recovery without financial burden.

  1. Consultation: Book a free consultation. We can discuss your cancer diagnosis and denied disability claim, and advise you of your legal options.
  1. File your cancer disability lawsuit: We represent your cancer disability claim in court. We work with medical experts, consultants, and financial professionals to gather exhaustive evidence, and prove your continuous disability and need for income replacement.
  1. Resolution: We strive for your best possible outcome — your long-term disability benefits and improved quality of life. Outside the courtroom, we connect you with rehabilitation experts to aid in your recovery. Our fees are contingent, meaning we only charge when we win.

Trust Our Cancer and Post-Cancer Treatment Law Expertise

Zayouna Law Firm is your cancer and post-cancer treatment lawyer. With our vast legal expertise in disability law, we tirelessly advocate for your benefits and well-being, and ensure you and your loved ones are fully supported during this difficult time.

  • Results: We measure our success based on yours — your disability benefits and quality of life. We have successfully represented countless cancer disability claims to ensure income replacement and access to critical care resources.
  • Relationships: Our lawyers are members of the Ontario Trial Lawyers Association and the Ontario Bar Association. More importantly, we are active members of our community who are committed to a personalized approach to every case. Our promise is constant communication and your full participation in the legal process.
  • Recovery: At Zayouna Law Firm, we are committed to you — your disability benefits, care, recovery, and quality of life. Our mission is your total physical, mental and emotional, and financial well-being. We fight for your rights and ensure you have the support you need to navigate cancer treatments.

Cancer and Post-Cancer Treatment Law FAQs

Insurers cite a number of reasons for denying your long-term disability claim for cancer and post-cancer treatment. Primarily, because they think you can resume working after a certain period of receiving treatment, even when your persisting symptoms indicate otherwise. Common reasons include:

  • Lack of medical documentation and/or late submission
  • Your insurance company rules you are not receiving appropriate treatment, or the right specialist is not treating you
  • You can work in a sedentary position or in a different occupation, while receiving treatment without medical restrictions or limitations that prevent you from working
  • You are outside the “maximum recovery guidelines”
  • You did not participate in a return-to-work or conditioning program.

If your disability claim is denied for any reason, continue seeking treatment, and ensure that your condition is properly documented to prove continuous disability. In the interim, speak with a cancer and post-cancer treatment lawyer to obtain legal advice and commence legal action within the allowable timeframe. Our disability lawyers can help you recoup lost benefits and ensure these are paid moving forward.

Your insurer should not deny benefits if treatments cannot cure your condition and/or realistically increase your chances of being able to return to work. This also applies to treatments that your doctor may consider optional and unlikely to improve your condition, and therefore they would not recommend. In this case, your insurer should continue to pay disability benefits as you remain disabled.

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